Borrowing Agent definition

Borrowing Agent means any of the following:
Borrowing Agent means Emerge.
Borrowing Agent means Holdings.

Examples of Borrowing Agent in a sentence

  • Unless Agent shall have received (in sufficient time to act) written notice from a Lender that it does not intend to fund its Pro Rata share of a Borrowing, Agent may assume that such Xxxxxx has deposited or promptly will deposit its share with Agent, and Agent may disburse a corresponding amount to Borrowers.

  • Prior to the Closing Date, Borrowing Agent shall deliver to Lender a complete and executed Authorized Accounts form regarding Borrowers’ operating account(s) into which the proceeds of Loans are to be paid in the form of Exhibit D annexed hereto.

More Definitions of Borrowing Agent

Borrowing Agent means GPM.
Borrowing Agent means WFS in its capacity as Borrowing Agent hereunder pursuant to Section 2.18.
Borrowing Agent means Quantum.
Borrowing Agent means Parent.
Borrowing Agent shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.19.
Borrowing Agent means Del Monte Fresh Produce Company, in its capacity as borrowing agent hereunder, or any successor borrowing agent hereunder; provided that (a) any borrowing agent hereunder shall be a Loan Party that is a Domestic Subsidiary and (b) Del Monte Fresh Produce Company shall continue to serve as borrowing agent hereunder until such time as a successor assumes the responsibilities of, and is appointed by the Company and the Designated Borrowers as, borrowing agent hereunder pursuant to an agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.
Borrowing Agent means the Parent.