Bond Program definition

Bond Program means the bond Program of the Issuer in the maximum volume of outstanding Bonds of CZK 30,000,000,000 (thirty billion Czech crowns), the Program term being 10 (ten) years.
Bond Program means the lending program established by the applicable HFA.

Examples of Bond Program in a sentence

  • Consideration of all necessary actions with regard to the Multifamily Bond Program.

  • Subordinated Debt ratings are not the subject of any ratings related actions or requirements under The Bank of Nova Scotia Global Registered Covered Bond Program.

  • For additional information and analysis concerning the SBA’s Surety Bond Program, see CRS Report R42037, SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program, by Robert Jay Dilger.

  • Covered bonds outstanding under the legacy Covered Bond Program do not form part of the BMO Global Registered Covered Bond Program nor do they benefit from the Covered Bond Legislative Framework.

  • Neither I nor any member of my immediate family1 has been a member of the District’s Citizens Bond Oversight Committee for the District’s Bond Program.

More Definitions of Bond Program

Bond Program the District’s Measure Q Bond Program.
Bond Program means the ₱39 Billion bond program of the Bank established by, or otherwise contemplated in, this Offering Circular.
Bond Program means the PHP50,000,000,000.00 bond program of the Bank established
Bond Program means the MiraCosta Community College District Measure MM Bond Program.
Bond Program means financings undertaken pursuant to Chapters 39.42, and 39.53 RCW and any incidental requirements thereto, including payment agreements authorized by Chapter 39.96 RCW.
Bond Program has the meaning set forth in the Background section hereof.
Bond Program means the Los Angeles Community College District Propositions A and AA, Measure J, and Measure CC Bond Programs.