Billing Clearinghouse definition

Billing Clearinghouse means a billing and collection service bureau for Interexchange Carriers and other telecommunication companies which become members and wish to arrange for the billing and collection of services provided to End Users.
Billing Clearinghouse means a billing and collection service bureau for interexchange carriers and other telecommunication companies which become members and wish to arrange for the billing and collection of services to end users.

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  • Inspector should provide evidence for dentists to place on machines indicating the last inspection date and next inspection due date.

  • As such, Stahl and Voigt (2008) recommended using the one built by Drogendijk and Slangen (2006) or the one of Dow and Karunaratna (2006).

  • The analyses that project the carbon sequestration potential differ widely regarding assumptions about the stability of the biochar and the period over which carbon is stable (Hammes & Schmidt, 2009).

  • Suzanne Prasad, Choosing the Best Medical Billing Clearinghouse for Your Practice, REVENUEXL (Nov.

  • Call processing Billing and collections Account validation and/or verification Local service provider validation and/or verification Billing service provider validation and/or verification If Customer is acting as a Data Clearinghouse and/or Billing Clearinghouse Customer can use GetData Queries to assist its Clients in providing their billing and collection services and verification of local service providers and billing service providers.

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  • ACH means automated clearing house transfers.

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  • Billing involves the provision of appropriate usage data by one Telecommunications Carrier to another to facilitate Customer Billing with attendant acknowledgments and status reports. It also involves the exchange of information between Telecommunications Carriers to process claims and adjustments.

  • Collection System means software used for the collection, tracking, and reporting of 34 outcomes data for Clients enrolled in the FSP programs.

  • Cash Management Services means any cash management or related services including treasury, depository, return items, overdraft, controlled disbursement, merchant store value cards, e-payables services, electronic funds transfer, interstate depository network, automatic clearing house transfer (including the Automated Clearing House processing of electronic funds transfers through the direct Federal Reserve Fedline system) and other cash management arrangements.

  • Clearing means the clearing and removal of vegetation, whether partially or in whole, including trees and shrubs, as specified;

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