Basketball Season definition

Basketball Season is defined in the Team Agreement.
Basketball Season means each NBA season of the Team during the Term, which shall be the period beginning on the date officially promulgated by the NBA as the Team’s first NBA Pre-Season Game for such season and ending on the date on which the last NBA Playoff Game is to be played by any NBA team for such season.

Examples of Basketball Season in a sentence

  • Wrestling 4% Track 4% Assistant Athletic Director 6% Middle School Cheerleading (Boys Basketball Season only) 2% ELEMENTARY ATHLETIC SCHEDULE 5th & 6th Grade Intramurals 1% Football 1% Basketball 1.5% Volleyball 1% Saturday Elementary Basketball Coordinator 1% Longevity Pay Additional 10% of coaching salary for each five years experience, in Hartford, in the same sport, starting year 6, 11 and 16.

  • During Basketball Season, the Travel Basketball Team should take precedence over all other extra-curricular activities.

  • The Licensor shall not schedule an Other Event that uses the Arena in excess of five (5) consecutive days in succession (not including days required to set up or breakdown such Other Event) during a Basketball Season without the prior written consent of the Licensee.

  • Subject to Section 11.1, the Licensor agrees to make the Arena Box Office facilities open to the public for purchase and distribution of Licensee Event Tickets (a) subject to clause (b) of this Section 11.2, during normal business hours on Business Days and Saturdays throughout the Basketball Season and (b) on all days of a Licensee Event at least two (2) hours before the beginning of such Licensee Event and ending no sooner than one (1) hour after the end of such Licensee Event.

  • The UNL Rent shall be payable in one installment following the Basketball Season but not later 32 than May 15 of each year of the Agreement Term.

  • An applicant who applies for professional leave under this Section shall agree to undertake at least twelve (12) upper division or eight (8) graduate units, or a total of ten (10) upper division and graduate units per semester, or a doctoral dissertation study in an accredited university of higher learning.

  • Once such dates on which NBA Regular Season Home Games are scheduled to be played at the Arena are finalized, all other reserved dates at the Arena for NBA Regular Season Home Games with respect to such Basketball Season shall be released for Other Events (except to the extent any such dates are reserved for other Home Games at the Arena or other Licensee Events).

  • The Licensee shall designate the specific dates to be reserved at the Arena for NBA Regular Season Home Games for each Basketball Season at least thirty (30) days prior to the date on which the NBA requires notice of preferred scheduling dates with respect to NBA Regular Season Home Games for such Basketball Season.


  • The Licensee shall notify the Licensor of the definitive schedule for NBA Pre-Season Home Games with respect to a Basketball Season within five (5) Business Days after receipt thereof from the NBA.

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