BAMLCO definition

BAMLCO means Branch Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer.

Examples of BAMLCO in a sentence

In evaluation stage concerned BAMLCO must be tactful considering the tipping off provision of the acts.

BAMLCO will be the second man of a branch and have a minimum three year experience in related field.

After identification of STR/SAR, at branch level BAMLCO should evaluate the transaction/activity to identify suspicion by interviewing the customer or through any other means.

Transaction Limits are established by the business subject to agreement by BAMLCO.

After identification of STR/SAR at branch level, BAMLCO should evaluate the transaction/activity to identify suspicion by interviewing the customer or through any other means.

Before contacting with the customer, BAMLCO must be consulted with to assess whether it is appropriate to contact the customer.

Hence, BAMLCO & BAMLO will be responsible to monitor & supervise all AML & CFT issues/matters as per Acts and Circulars of BFIU, Bangladesh Bank.

The BAMLCO has to have detailed knowledge in the existing acts, rules and regulations, BFIU’s instructions and bank’s own policies on preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

BAMLCO will analyze the reported incident properly in the light of all other relevant information and record in writing with reasons in details whether the transaction is connected with money laundering or terrorist financing or not.

If the reported issue appears to be connected with money laundering or terrorist financing, then BAMLCO will send immediately the details of the incident along with a copy of the above form to the CAMLCO.

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