Balances definition

Balances means all monies and funds of Borrower at any time on deposit with Bank.
Balances at the end of the next to last sentence thereof; and
Balances and “Available Balances” Many circumstances will affect your access to the funds in your accounts. Some of these circumstances are beyond the Credit Union’s control as they are requirements of the payment networks through which your transactions are processed via the merchants with whom you do business. We may place holds on various deposits as explained in the Funds Availability Section in this Agreement and under certain circumstances explained in Sections 4 in Checks and Withdrawals and elsewhere. Thus, your account records may show a “Balance” and an “Available Balance.” The Balance is the total amount of funds in your account(s). The Available Balance is the amount of the Balance that is available for transactions (withdrawals, write checks, debit transactions, online banking or other authorized transactions) at any given time. You should only make transactions against the Available Balance, as these are the only funds you may access even though the Balance may be higher. If you exceed the Available Balance you may overdraw your account since new transactions cannot be processed until additional funds become available. Exceeding the Available Balance may result in Insufficient Funds Transactions, Returned Items and Fees including Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay Fees. To determine the Available Balance at any time you may check online banking, ATM, phone banking, etc. It is your responsibility to check your Available Balance and understand the funds accessibility so that you may avoid making transactions that exceed your Available Balance and incurring additional fees. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Available Balance may NOT reflect every transaction you have initiated or previously authorized. For example, it may not include the following; 1) checks you have written that have not yet cleared your account; 2) recent credit/debit activities that may not have been posted to your Account yet; 3) the final amount of a debit card purchase (we may authorize a purchase amount prior to a tip that you add); 4) authorized automatic withdrawals (such as recurring debit card transactions, transfers, and ACH transactions that we have not received for payment or which were received after our processing time; 5) debit card transactions that were previously authorized but have not been sent to us for payment (generally within 3 business days but possibly longer for certain transactions). It is your responsibility to manage your financial transactions and reconcile your Ac...

Examples of Balances in a sentence

  • Balances due within 12 months equal their carrying balances as the impact of discounting is not significant.

  • Balances due within 12 months equal their carrying balances, as the impact of discounting is not significant.

  • Balances and transactions between the Company and its subsidiaries, which are related parties of the Company, have been eliminated on consolidation and are not disclosed in this note.

  • All Realized Losses to be allocated to the Certificate Principal Balances of all Classes on any Distribution Date shall be so allocated after the actual distributions to be made on such date as provided above.

  • Internal and Interfund Balances and ActivitiesIn the process of aggregating the financial information for the government-wide Statement of Activities and Net Assets – Cash and Investment Basis, some amounts reported as interfund activity and balances in the fund financial statements have been eliminated or reclassified.

More Definitions of Balances

Balances for each Participant means the amounts initially equal to zero that are adjusted pursuant to Article II hereof to reflect, among other things, cash investments by such Participant in each pool or portfolio established pursuant to this Agreement, within the Trust, cash payments to such Participant, a pro rata distribution of income from the earnings of each pool or portfolio established pursuant to this Agreement, in which each Participant has invested funds, investment results and expenses and fees for each pool or portfolio established pursuant to this Agreement, in which the Participant has invested.
Balances means the amounts of unexpended commitments, unallocated appropriations, uncommitted allocations and any revenues in excess of the sum of expenditures and unexpended commitments carried forward from Fiscal Year 2003.
Balances means on any date, with respect to any cash or Eligible Investments standing to the credit of an Account, the aggregate of the:
Balances further extends to and includes all "Blocked Accounts" and any "Lockbox Account," as those quoted terms are defined in the Working Capital Credit Agreement and the Term Loan Financing Agreement, and all funds from time to time on deposit therein.
Balances means, on any determination date, the sum of (i) the aggregate of all Advances by Credit Lenders less the principal amounts repaid on such Credit Note, (ii) the Mortgage Note Advances of each Mortgage Lender less the principal amounts repaid on such Mortgage Note, and (iii) the Lessor Advance of the Lessor as set forth in Section 5B of the Participation Agreement less the principal amount of such Lessor Advance repaid.
Balances means the status, as of the dates of the Canaan's calculations, of the recovery by Canaan or a third party of a cost amount specified in the contract relating to a well out of the revenue from such well where the Net Revenue Interest of Canaan therein will be reduced or the Working Interest therein will be increased when such amount has been recovered. With respect to the Oil and Gas Interests (a) there are no production, transportation or processing imbalances existing with respect to Canaan or the Oil and Gas Interests, and (b) Canaan have received no deficiency payments under gas contracts for which any party has a right to take deficiency gas from Canaan, nor has Canaan received any payments for production which are subject to refund or recoupment out of future production.
Balances means the Participant's Stock Unit Balance, Cash Unit Balance and/or Mutual Fund Balance.