Definition of B Lender

B Lender means a Lender under this Agreement which has a B Commitment or has a participation in a B Loan.
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Examples of B Lender in a sentence

TCCI shall, at the request of a Tranche B Lender, issue one or more non-interest bearing promissory notes (each a "BA Equivalent Note") payable on the date of maturity of the unaccepted Draft referred to below, in such form as such Tranche B Lender may specify, in a principal amount equal to the Face Amount of, and in exchange for, any unaccepted Drafts which such Tranche B Lender has purchased or has arranged to have purchased in accordance with Section 2.1(b).
If the Canadian Sub-Agent in good faith determines that for any reason a market for Bankers' Acceptances does not exist at any time or the Tranche B Lenders cannot for other reasons, after reasonable efforts, readily sell Bankers' Acceptances or perform their other obligations under this Agreement with respect to Bankers' Acceptances, the Canadian Sub-Agent will promptly so notify TCCI and each Tranche B Lender.
Thereafter, TCCI's right to request the acceptance and/or purchase of Drafts shall be and remain suspended until the Canadian Sub-Agent determines and notifies TCCI and each Tranche B Lender that the condition causing such determination no longer exists.
TCCI shall, on the date of each Drawing and on the date of each renewal of any outstanding Bankers' Acceptances or BA Equivalent Notes, pay to the Canadian Sub-Agent, in Canadian Dollars, for the ratable account of the Tranche B Lenders accepting Drafts and purchasing Bankers' Acceptances or purchasing Drafts which have not been accepted by any Tranche B Lender, the Drawing Fee with respect to such Drafts.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Term B Lender severally agrees to make a single loan to the Borrower on the Closing Date in an amount not to exceed such Term B Lenders Term B Commitment.