Auto Glass definition

Auto Glass means any glass that forms part of the Hired Vehicle and includes windscreens, windows, internal and external lights and sunroof.
Auto Glass means PGW Auto Glass LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
Auto Glass means any glass that forms part of the Hired Vehicle and includes windscreens, windows, internal and external lights and sunroof. “Consequential loss” means an indirect loss that occurs following a Loss under this policy.

Examples of Auto Glass in a sentence

  • Associates : AIS Adhesives Ltd., Asahi India Map Auto Glass Ltd., Vincotte International India Assessment Services (P) Ltd.

  • We entered into a contract with the Defendant Jack Morris Auto Glass.

  • The Auto Glass segment fabricates, repairs and replaces automobile windshields and windows.

  • Our factory is equipped with machinery such as Auto Glass Shell Blowing Machine, Ageing Machine, Filament Mounting Machine, Auto Sealex Machine, Exhaust Machine, Tube Auto Glass Tube Cutting Machine, Cap Marking Machine, Cement Filler Machine, Capping Machine, Ageing Machine, Tesla Machine, Glow Test panel, Load pressure testing machine, Spectral Light Measuring System, Vacuum Pump, etc.

  • An evaluation of the initiative is underway, with a report due to TEA in August 2009.

  • Currently, the project site is occupied by a variety of industrial tenants including an existing fuel station building of approximately 1,300 square feet with 4 fuel dispensers (Flyer), 9,700 square feet truck service building (Bay Area Truck Services), and 1,800 square feet glass and upholstery building (Blair Auto Glass and Upholstery).

  • In fiscal 2000, the Auto Glass segment purchased the assets of one distribution center.

  • Not surprisingly, in this version of the model, the auto- correlations of inflation depend almost entirely on the size of the autocorrelation coefficient for the inflation shock et.That certain types of inflation shocks—“cost-push” shocks, for example, from large changes in relative prices—might be autocorre- lated is not controversial.

  • Automotive Replacement Glass and Services segment (Auto Glass) fabricates, repairs and replaces automobile windshields and windows.

  • After numerous requests, ASAP Auto Glass has not provided their General Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance coverage as per Oklahoma law.

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  • Topcoat means a coating that is applied over a primer on an aerospace vehicle or component for appearance, identification, camouflage, or protection. Topcoats that are defined as specialty coatings are not included under this definition.

  • Universal bilateral modification means a bilateral modification, as defined in FAR subpart 43.1, that updates or incorporates new FAR or AIDAR clauses, other terms and conditions, or special requirements, affecting all USAID awards or a class of awards, as specified in the Agency notification of such modification.

  • Antenna coating means a coating labeled and formulated exclusively for application to equipment and associated structural appurtenances that are used to receive or transmit electromagnetic signals.

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  • Allied means Allied Waste Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • Solutions means Products and Services provided under this “CPE Products & Services; Professional Services” Section.

  • Flat coating means a coating that is not defined under any other definition in this section and that registers gloss less than 15 on an 85-degree meter or less than 5 on a 60-degree meter.

  • RID means the date that all design and assignment information is sent to the necessary service implementation groups.

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  • Specialty coating means a coating that, even though it meets the definition of a primer, topcoat, or self- priming topcoat, has additional performance criteria beyond those of primers, topcoats, and selfpriming topcoats for specific applications. These performance criteria may include, but are not limited to, temperature or fire resistance, substrate compatibility, antireflection, temporary protection or marking, sealing, adhesively joining substrates, or enhanced corrosion protection. A specialty coating is any coating listed in Table 10-1 of this regulation and defined in 10.2 of this regulation.

  • Healing arts means the arts and sciences dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure

  • Outdoors means any location that is not “indoors” within a fully enclosed and secure structure as defined herein.

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  • aeroplane means a power-driven heavier-than-air aircraft, deriving its lift in flight chiefly from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces which remain fixed under given conditions of flight;

  • CABS means the Carrier Access Billing System.