authorised parking place definition

authorised parking place means any parking place on a road authorised or designated by an order made or having effect as if made under the Act;
authorised parking place means any parking place on a road authorised or designated by this Order;
authorised parking place means any parking place on a road authorised or designated by an Order made or having effect as if made under the 1984 Act and, or which is comprised within and indicated by a road marking complying with either diagram 1028.3, 1028.4, 1032 or diagram 1033 in Schedule 6 to the 2002 Regulations or otherwise authorised by the Department for Transport;

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authorised parking place and “parking place” means any part of a road authorised in Column 1 of Schedules 5 and 6 of this Order to be used as a parking place;
authorised parking place means any parking place on a road authorised or designated by an Order made or having effect as if made under the 1984 Act;“bus”has the same meaning as in Section 22 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002;“heavy goods vehicle” and “HGVs”have the same meaning as a heavy commercial vehicle in Section 136 of the 1984 Act;“invalid carriage”has the same meaning as in Section 136 of the 1984 Act;“motor car”has the same meaning as in Section 136 of the 1984 Act;“motor cycle”has the same meaning as in Section 185(1) of The Road Traffic Act 1988;“Disabled Person’s Badge”has the same meaning as in the Disabled Persons (Badges for Motor Vehicles) (England) Regulations 2000; and for the purpose of this Order a vehicle shall be regarded

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  • parking place means any area of land specified by name in Column 1 of Schedule 1 to this Order provided by the Council under the Act of 1984 for use as a parking place;

  • Authorised User means an individual who is authorised by the Institution to have access to its information services (whether on-site or off-site) via Secure Authentication and who is: a current student registered with the Institution (including undergraduates and postgraduates); an alumnus of the Institution; a contractor of the Institution; or a member of staff of the Institution (whether permanent or temporary, including retired members of staff and any teacher who teaches students registered with the Institution); or without prejudice to Clause 4.2, a Walk-In User and, unless the context otherwise requires, all references to “Authorised Users” in this Licence include “Additional Authorised Users”.

  • Authorised Users means any of the following to whom You give permission to use the Software as part of Your BlackBerry Solution: (a) any of Your employees, consultants or independent contractors; (b) any friend or family member, or any person that resides in Your premises; and (c) any other person who RIM authorises in writing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement does not convey the automatic right to have Your BlackBerry Server Software hosted by a third party. If You wish to do so, please contact RIM at: "BlackBerry Handheld Product", also known as "BlackBerry Device", means a device manufactured by or on behalf of RIM, including any such smartphone, smart card reader, tablet or BlackBerry Presenter and any other device expressly identified by RIM at xxxx:// as a BlackBerry Handheld Product.

  • Authorised Driver means any driver approved by Apollo and whose name is noted in Rental Vehicle Agreement Part A as an authorised driver;

  • parking ticket means a parking ticket, season ticket, residents parking permit or waiver of any kind (including medical practitioner waiver, Tradesman’s Waiver and Daily Visitors’ Parking Cards).

  • Work place means a place at which, at an average 20 or more workers are employed in connection with construction work.

  • Agreed Stopping Places means those places, except the place of departure and the place of destination, set out in the Ticket or shown in our timetables as scheduled stopping places on your route.

  • parking bay means any area of a parking place which is provided for the leaving of a vehicle and indicated by markings on the surface of the parking place;

  • authorised party means the party referred to in Article XIII(3);

  • Authorised “Directed” or “Approved” shall mean the authority, direction or approval of the Engineer.

  • Authorised Persons means collectively all Event management, Venue management, Police, public bodies and agencies responsible for safety and security in connection with the Event or the Venue, and their respective staff, officials, representatives, officers and volunteers;

  • Polling place means the building where voting is conducted.

  • Airport means any area of land or water, or any manmade object or facility located thereon, which is used, or intended for use, for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, and any appurtenant areas that are used, or intended for use, for airport buildings or other airport facilities or rights-of-way, together with all airport buildings and facilities located thereon.

  • Garage means a place within a project having a roof and walls on three sides for parking any vehicle, but does not include an unenclosed or uncovered parking space such as open parking areas;

  • Grave space means a space of ground in a cemetery that is used or intended to be used for an in-ground burial.

  • Site / Work place means the lands and other spaces above & below the ground level on which the works are to be carried out, any other lands or places provided by the Owner for the purpose of the Contract.

  • authorised person means any person who is designated in writing by the Issuer from time to time to give Instructions to the Agents under the terms of this Agreement;

  • Authorised Representatives the persons respectively designated as such by the Authority and the Supplier, the first such persons being set out in Schedule 4. Bribery Act: the Xxxxxxx Xxx 0000 and any subordinate legislation made under that Act from time to time together with any guidance or codes of practice issued by the relevant government department concerning the legislation. Change: any change to this agreement including to any of the Services. Change Control Note: the written record of a Change agreed or to be agreed by the parties pursuant to the Change Control Procedure.

  • Rural areas means all territory, populations, and housing units that are located outside of urban areas (50,000 or more people) and urban clusters (at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people). Urban areas and clusters are determined by population density and size available per the most recently updated data available from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-year estimates thirty days prior to the first day of the applicable application period.

  • Tourism destination project means a qualified non-gaming

  • Summer Session means the intersession between academic years. Summer session is not part of the 175 day academic year; it commences on the first workday following the end of the academic year and terminates on the last workday preceding the start of the new academic year. Summer session assignments shall be governed by Article 26 of this Agreement.

  • Sailboat means the same as that term is defined in Section 73-18-2.

  • Construction sign means any sign used to identify the architects, engineers, contractors or other individuals or firms involved with the construction of a building and announce the character of the building or the purpose for which the building is intended.

  • Pedestrian means any person afoot.

  • Principal building means the main building or structure on a single lot or parcel of land and includes any attached garage or attached porch.