Authentic materials definition

Authentic materials means resources including books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, menus, videos, recordings, etc., which are used by people in the target culture.

Examples of Authentic materials in a sentence

  • Seller represents and warrants that only new and Authentic materials are used in Contract Work delivered to Buyer and that the Contract Work delivered contains no Counterfeit Electronic Parts.

  • Authentic materials and authenticity in foreign language learning.

  • If any individual part from a lot is determined to be counterfeit or suspect counterfeit, the entire lot of parts will be considered to be suspect counterfeit.Terms and Conditions:Seller represents and warrants that only new and Authentic materials are used in Contract Work delivered to Buyer and that the Contract Work delivered contains no Counterfeit Electronic Parts.

  • Authentic materials are used to create meaningful contexts for studentinteraction.

  • Seller represents and warrants that only new and Authentic materials are used in Products sold to Buyer and that the Products contain no Counterfeit Parts.

  • Authentic materials such as brick, cast stone, limestone, concrete block and other conventional masonry products should be used.

  • Authentic materials of a similar kind, for example, newspaper articles, advertisements, promotional material are used to supplement exercises.

  • Authentic materials such as websites, adver- tisements, brochures, maps, and graphs can be used to make real-world connections and allow students to apply their language skills and strategies in various subjects across the curriculum.THE ONTARIO CURRICULUM | French as a Second LanguageIn integrated learning, students are provided with opportunities to work towards meeting expectations from two or more subjects within a single unit, lesson, or activity.

  • Seller represents and warrants that only new and Authentic materials are used in Goods delivered to Buyer and that the Goods delivered contains no Counterfeit Electronic Parts.

  • Authentic materials and methods of construction should be used to the degree possible.

Related to Authentic materials

  • Instructional materials means relevant instructional

  • IP Materials has the meaning given to it in clause E8.1 (Intellectual Property Rights).

  • SAP Materials means any software, programs, tools, systems, data, or other materials made available by SAP or any other member of the SAP Group to Partner or to an End User (either directly or indirectly via Partner) prior to or in the course of the performance under any part of this Agreement including, but not limited to, the other SAP Products.

  • Study Materials means all the materials and information created for the Study, or required to be submitted to the Sponsor including all data, results, Biological Samples, Case Report Forms (or their equivalent) in whatever form held, conclusions, discoveries, inventions, know-how and the like, whether patentable or not, relating to the Study, which are discovered or developed as a result of the Study, but excluding the Institution’s ordinary patient records.

  • Cloud Materials means any materials provided or developed by SAP (independently or with Provider’s cooperation) in the course of performance under the Agreement, including in the delivery of any support or Consulting Services to Provider or its Customers. Cloud Materials do not include any Customer Data, Provider Confidential Information, or the SAP Cloud Service.

  • Manufacturing Materials means parts, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, plans, drawings, and information produced or acquired, or rights acquired, specifically to fulfill obligations set forth herein.

  • Instructional material means instructional content that is provided to a public school student, regardless of its format, that includes without limitation printed or representational materials, audio-visual materials, and materials in electronic or digital format, such as materials accessible through the internet; however, Instructional material does not include academic tests or academic assessments.

  • Biological Materials means certain tangible biological materials that are necessary for the effective exercise of the Patent Rights, which materials are described on Exhibit A, as well as tangible materials that are routinely produced through use of the original materials, including, for example, any progeny derived from a cell line, monoclonal antibodies produced by hybridoma cells, DNA or RNA replicated from isolated DNA or RNA, recombinant proteins produced through use of isolated DNA or RNA, and substances routinely purified from a source material included in the original materials (such as recombinant proteins isolated from a cell extract or supernatant by non-proprietary affinity purification methods). These Biological Materials shall be listed on Exhibit A, which will be periodically amended to include any additional Biological Materials that Medical School may furnish to Company.

  • Printed Materials means all artwork and mechanicals set forth on the disc label of the PlayStation Disc relating to any of the Licensed Products and on or inside any Packaging for the Licensed Product, and all instructional manuals, liners, inserts, trade dress and other user information to be inserted into the Packaging.

  • Proprietary Materials means any tangible chemical, biological or physical research materials that are furnished by or on behalf of one Party to the other Party in connection with this Agreement, regardless of whether such materials are specifically designated as proprietary by the transferring Party.

  • GOODS / MATERIALS means any of the articles, materials, machinery, equipments, supplies, drawing, data and other property and all services including but not limited to design, delivery, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning specified or required to complete the order.

  • Developed Materials means Materials created, made, or developed by Contractor or Subcontractors, either solely or jointly with the Judicial Branch Entities or JBE Contractors, in the course of providing the Work under this Agreement, and all Intellectual Property Rights therein and thereto, including, without limitation, (i) all work-in-process, data or information, (ii) all modifications, enhancements and derivative works made to Contractor Materials, and (iii) all Deliverables; provided, however, that Developed Materials do not include Contractor Materials.

  • Packaging Materials means art and mechanical formats for a Software Title including the retail packaging, end user instruction manual with end user license agreement and warranties, end user warnings, FPU media label, and any promotional inserts and other materials that are to be included in the retail packaging.

  • Custom Materials means Materials developed by the Supplier at the Purchaser’s expense under the Contract and identified as such in Appendix 5 of the Contract Agreement and such other Materials as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Materials. Custom Materials includes Materials created from Standard Materials.

  • Program Materials means the documents and information provided by the Program Administrator specifying the qualifying EEMs, technology requirements, costs and other Program requirements, which include, without limitation, program guidelines and requirements, application forms and approval letters.

  • Genetic material means any material of plant, animal, microbial or other origin containing functional units of heredity.

  • Training Materials means any and all materials, documentation, notebooks, forms, diagrams, manuals and other written materials and tangible objects, describing how to maintain the Facilities, including any corrections, improvements and enhancements thereto to the Bloom Systems which are delivered by Operator to Owner, but excluding any data and reports delivered to Owner.

  • Research Materials means all tangible materials other than Subject Data first produced in the performance of this CRADA.

  • Supplier Materials has the meaning set out in clause 8.1(g);

  • Customer Materials any materials, data, information, software, equipment or other resources owned by or licensed to You and made available to Us pursuant to facilitating Your use of the Services, including Customer Data.

  • Licensed Materials means any materials that Executive utilizes for the benefit of the Company (or any Subsidiary thereof), or delivers to the Company or the Company’s Customers, which (a) do not constitute Work Product, (b) are created by Executive or of which Executive is otherwise in lawful possession and (c) Executive may lawfully utilize for the benefit of, or distribute to, the Company or the Company’s Customers.

  • Confidential Materials means all tangible materials containing Confidential Information, including without limitation written or printed documents and computer disks or tapes, whether machine or user readable.

  • Background Material means any pre-existing works in which the Intellectual Property Rights are owned by either Party, which have been prepared by that Party outside the scope of this Agreement or which were licensed from a third party by that Party.”

  • Biological Material means any material containing genetic information and capable of reproducing itself or being reproduced in a biological system;

  • Organic Materials means, for the purposes of Section 9.4 of the Act, any chemical compound of carbon, including diluents and thinners which are liquids at standard conditions and which are used as dissolvers, viscosity reducers or cleaning agents, including polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons but excluding methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbonic acid, metallic carbide, metallic carbonates, and ammonium carbonate are not organic materials.

  • Shareholder Materials means the Fund’s prospectus, statement of additional information and any other materials relating to the Fund provided to Fund shareholders by the Fund.