Augment definition

Augment refers to a modification (increase/addition or decrease/reduction) to an existing Collocation Arrangement. Examples include changes to the space, cage, power, cross-connect cabling, conduit, vault, riser, or cabling associated with the Collocation Arrangement.
Augment or “Collocation Augment” means additions or changes to a previously accepted Collocation arrangement (i.e., the original or existing Collocation). Acceptance of the original or existing Collocation takes place upon Qwest turnover upon completion of the work and CLEC’s final payment for the original or existing Collocation. After completion of the Collocation and CLEC’s final payment, additions or changes to that original or existing Collocation are Augments. "Automated Message Accounting" or "AMA" is the structure inherent in Switch technology that initially records telecommunication message information. AMA format is contained in the AMA document, published by Telcordia Technologies, or its successors, as GR-1100-CORE which defines the industry standard for message recording.

Examples of Augment in a sentence

  • Augment and strengthen support for transfer students within academic programs.

  • Collect transfer data to include UC, State, and Private institutions.3. Augment and strengthen specific partnerships with academic departments in CSUs, UCs, and privates to develop transfer pipelines.4. Augment and strengthen support services for transfer students campus-wide.

  • An augmentation request will require the submission of a complete application form and a non-refundable Engineering or Minor Augment fee.

  • A Minor Augment fee may not be required under the circumstances outlined below.

  • Engineering/Major Augment fees submitted with the application will not be refunded.

More Definitions of Augment

Augment means Augment Investments Ltd.;
Augment is a request from the Collocator to add equipment, cable, and/or Collocation services to or to remove cable and/or Collocation services from an existing Physical Collocation arrangement.
Augment or “Augmenting” means the construction of new System Improvements adjacent to or in replacement of existing SCS for the purpose of increasing the capacity of the SCS.
Augment the primary means of providing support services. However, the Army has relied on LOGCAP III to essentially be the only means of providing support services to the troops in the major theatres of operation, including Iraq and Afghanistan. In noncompliance with DoD Instruction 3020.37, the Army had not developed procedures for providing reasonable assurance that the LOGCAP III essential services would continue despite major contractual disputes such as the 15 percent withhold requirement. Several Army officials acknowledged that they had to request a deviation of the 15 percent withhold requirement, a mandatory and critical contract clause for protecting the Government’s interests on undefinitized contract actions, in part because the Army had not developed a backup plan for providing these services. The Army should not have placed itself in a position of having to waive critical and mandated contractual requirements when a contractor later decides to object to them.
Augment in relation to any amount, means to increase or decrease such amount;
Augment is a request from LEVEL 3 to add equipment, cable, and/or Collocation services to an existing Physical Collocation arrangement. “Automated Message Accounting” (AMA) is a structure inherent in switch technology that initially records Telecommunication message information. AMA format is contained in the Automated Message Accounting document published by Telcordia (formerly known as Bellcore) as GR-1100-CORE, which defines and amends the industry standard for message recording.
Augment means an eight (8) hour overtime assignment to a regular shift (A-B-C-D and those shifts enumerated in Article 13, section 4) desired by the Chief