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Ascribe means Ascribe Capital, LLC and/or its Affiliates, in each of their respective capacities, as applicable, as a prepetition secured lender, prepetition administrative agent, shareholder and post-petition lender, together with each of their respective former, current and future officers, employees, directors, agents, representatives, owners, members, partners, financial and other advisors or consultants, legal advisors, shareholders, managers, consultants, accountants, attorneys, affiliates, including in any such personscapacity as director and/or officer (or similar position) of any Debtor or any of the Debtorsaffiliated entities, and predecessors and successors in interest of Ascribe Capital, LLC and/or its Affiliates.
Ascribe means Ascribe III Investment LLC.

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The Tosefta has one reference to birkat ha minim:77The Eighteen Benedictions of which the sages speak correspond to the eighteen appearances of the divine name in Ascribe to the Lord, O divine beings (Psalm 29).

Ascribe Opportunities Fund II, L.P. (“Opportunities II”) and Ascribe Opportunities Fund II(B), L.P. (“Opportunities II(B)”) are the sole members of Fund II.

Ascribe Opportunities Fund III, L.P. (“Opportunities III”) and Ascribe Opportunities Fund III(B), L.P. (“Opportunities III(B)”) are the sole members of Fund III.

Ascribe Associates III, LLC (“Associates III”) is the general partner of Opportunities III and Opportunities III(B).

Ascribe Associates II, LLC (“Associates II”) is the general partner of Opportunities II and Opportunities II(B).

Scheurich on September 14, 2016 that he said he wanted to enter in to the record.

Ascribe Management LLC (“Ascribe Management”) is the investment manager of Ascribe II Investments LLC (“Fund II”, and together with Fund III, the “Funds”).

Name Ascribe II Investments LLC Short form name Ascribe Notice details c/o Ascribe Capital Attention: Lawrence First and Kamil Gazizullin 590 Madison Avenue, 38th Floor New York, New York 10022 United States - with a copy, which shall not constitute notice, to – Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Attention: Andrew N.

Therefore, you should be aware that student conduct violations are direct infractions of the Lenoir-Rhyne University Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Academic Integrity, found in Section 1: That to Which We Ascribe.

Each of Ascribe Capital, Ascribe Management, American Securities, Associates III, Opportunities III, Opportunities III(B), Associates II, Opportunities II and Opportunities II(B), disclaims beneficial ownership of the common stock held by the Funds, except to the extent of its pecuniary interests.

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Ascribe means Ascribe Capital LLC.
Ascribe means Ascribe II Investments LLC and Ascribe Capital, LLC and each
Ascribe means certain funds or accounts advised or sub-advised by Ascribe Capital LLC.
Ascribe means Ascribe II Investments LLC and Ascribe Capital, LLC and each of their affiliates and managed funds and accounts.
Ascribe means Ascribe Capital, LLC and all of its Approved Funds and Affiliates. “Assignment and Assumption” means an assignment and assumption entered into by aLender and an assignee (with the consent of any party whose consent is required by Section 11.06(b)), in substantially the form of Exhibit 11.06(b).

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Preamble means the paragraph that precedes Article One: General Definitions to this Agreement.
assigned shall not include any transaction exempted from section 15(b)(2) of the Investment Company Act and (b) the vote of the persons having voting rights in respect of the Trust referred to in Section 12 shall be the affirmative votes of the lesser of (i) the holders of more than 50% of all votes in respect of Class IB shares entitled to be cast in respect of the Trust or (ii) the holders of at least 67% of the votes in respect of Class IB shares which are present at a meeting of such persons if the holders of more than 50% of all votes in respect of Class IB shares entitled to be cast in respect of the Trust are present or represented by proxy at such meeting, in either case voted in accordance with the provisions contained in the form of Participation Agreement or any policies on conflicts adopted by the Board of Trustees.
Defined Terms As set forth in the Plan, unless otherwise defined in this Agreement Participant: [Name] Grant Date: [Date] Number of SARs: [·] Definition of SAR: Each SAR entitles you to receive, upon exercise, an amount equal to (i) the Fair Market Value of 1 Share on the date of exercise minus (ii) the Exercise Price per SAR (the “Appreciation Value”). Exercise Price per SAR: $[·], which is the Fair Market Value as of the Grant Date Original Expiration Date: [·] years from the Grant Date (or earlier if your Separation from Service occurs before this Expiration Date; see Exercise after Separation from Service below) Exercisability: The SARs will become exercisable as follows, as long as you do not have a Separation from Service before the applicable [date/event]: [Date/Event] % of SARs Exercisable* [—] [·] % *Any resultant fractional SARs will not become exercisable and will instead be subject to the next applicable [date/event]. Exercise after Separation from Service: Separation from Service for any reason other than Disability, death, or Cause: any unexercisable SARs expire immediately and any exercisable SARs remain exercisable for [·] after your Separation from Service for any reason other than Disability, death, or Cause. Separation from Service due to Disability or death: exercisable SARs remain exercisable for [·] after your Separation from Service due to your Disability or death. Separation from Service for Cause: all SARs (including any exercisable and unexercisable SARs) expire immediately upon your Separation from Service for Cause. Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, the SARs may not be exercised after the Original Expiration Date set forth above.
as used herein shall mean only those Products as defined in Exhibit "B" hereto.
as used herein Reference Banks" means four major banks in the London interbank market selected by the Calculation Agent; and "LIBOR Business Day" means a day on which commercial banks are open for business (including dealings in foreign exchange and foreign currency deposits) in London. Exhibit A Officer's Certificate The undersigned, the [Chief Financial Officer] [Treasurer] [Executive Vice President] hereby certifies, pursuant to Section 7.3(b) of the Junior Subordinated Indenture, dated as of August 23, 2005, among FNB Financial Services Corporation (the "Company") and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as trustee, that, as of [date], [20__], the Company had the following ratios and balances: BANK HOLDING COMPANY As of [Quarterly Financial Dates] Tier 1 Risk Weighted Assets _________% Ratio of Double Leverage _________% Non-Performing Assets to Loans and OREO _________% Tangible Common Equity as a Percentage of Tangible Assets _________% Ratio of Reserves to Non-Performing Loans _________% Ratio of Net Charge-Offs to Loans _________% Return on Average Assets (annualized) _________% Net Interest Margin (annualized) _________% Efficiency Ratio _________% Ratio of Loans to Assets _________% Ratio of Loans to Deposits _________% Double Leverage (exclude trust preferred as equity) _________% Total Assets $_________ Year to Date Income $_________ * A table describing the quarterly report calculation procedures is provided on page __ [FOR FISCAL YEAR END: Attached hereto are the audited consolidated financial statements (including the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows, and notes thereto, together with the report of the independent accountants thereon) of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries for the three years ended _______, 20___.] [FOR FISCAL QUARTER END: Attached hereto are the unaudited consolidated and consolidating financial statements (including the balance sheet and income statement) of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries for the fiscal quarter] ended [date], 20__. The financial statements fairly present in all material respects, in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP"), the financial position of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries, and the results of operations and changes in financial condition as of the date, and for the [___ quarter interim] [annual] period ended [date], 20__, and such financial statements have been prepared in accordance with GAAP consistently applied throughout the period involved (expect as otherwise noted therein).
Other Definitional Provisions set forth in Section 1.2 of the Basic Servicing Agreement are incorporated by reference into this 20 - Servicing Supplement.
Defined Person" shall mean and include an individual, a partnership, a joint venture, a corporation, a trust, an unincorporated organization and a government or other department or agency thereof.
Describe means “to illustrate something in words or tell about it”
Used means, with respect to the Properties, Company Contracts or Permits of the Company, those owned, leased, licensed or otherwise held by the Company which were acquired for use or held for use by the Company in connection with the Company's business and operations, whether or not reflected on the Company's books of account.
Definitions As used in this appendix, “Software” means a specific NetIQ software product for which You have Purchase Documentation issued to You by NetIQ or NetIQ’s agent. Unless defined in this appendix, capitalized terms have the meaning given in the parent Agreement. • STANDARD TERMS: Use the Software family headers and the product and license type tags below to locate the Product Use Rights terms applicable to the Software. Your usage of the Software must be consistent with such terms and with the unit count on Your purchase documentation. Product use rights terms below for other license types or products do not apply to You. • LIMITED USE RESTRICTIONS: Notwithstanding the standard terms below, Your rights may be limited by restrictions which were part of Your Software license acquisition. If such restrictions apply to Your license, then You must apply the restrictions in the broadest possible manner in interpreting Your product and license type rights below.
Recitals means the recitals of this Agreement.
Alter means to change any one or more of the external dimensions of a building or part thereof, or to change the type of construction of the exterior walls or roof thereof. Such changes apply to any bearing wall or partition, column, beam, girder or other supporting member of a building or structure, or any increase in the area of cubic contents of a building or structure. When used in reference to a lot, the word ‘alter’ shall mean to change the area frontage, or depth thereof, to change the width, depth or area of any required yard, landscaped open space or parking area, or to change the location of any boundary of such lot with respect to a street or lane, whether such alteration is made by conveyance or alienation of any portion of such lot or otherwise. When used in reference to use, ‘alter’ shall mean to discontinue and replace the use with a use which is defined herein as being distinct from the discontinued use.
(b) As used in this section, claim' means a bill or an invoice submitted to a governmental entity for goods or services.
Recital a "Schedule” and a “paragraph / clause" shall be construed as a reference to an Article, a Recital, a Schedule and a paragraph/clause respectively of this Agreement;
Variant means tractors of the same type which do not differ in respect of at least the following aspects:
a term's notice means written notice given not later than the first day of the term preceding the term to which the notice relates;
FBF Definitions means the definitions set out in the 2007 FBF Master Agreement relating to transactions on forward financial instruments as supplemented by the Technical Schedules (Additifs Techniques) as published by the Fédération Bancaire Française (together the "FBF Master Agreement"), unless otherwise specified in the relevant Final Terms.
Promote means to procure, manufacture, issue, sell, give, provide, lend, mail, deliver, transfer, transmit, publish, distribute, circulate, disseminate, present, exhibit, or advertise or to offer or agree to do any of the above.
singular means “plural” and vice versa; and
Restrict means to limit the activities of a food employee so that there is no risk of transmitting a disease that is transmissible through food and the food employee does not work with exposed food, clean equipment, utensils, linens, or unwrapped single-service or single-use articles.
Deprive means to do any of the following:
apply “approve” “approval” “consent” “certify” “direct” “notify” or “request” means apply approve approval consent certify direct notify or request (as the case may be) in writing;
Definition “Sell” means to agree to sell, convey, transfer or exchange any interest in the Property whether by oral or written agreement or option.
Glossary means this current section of the Agreement.
Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.19.1.
Divest means, as it relates to a Competitive Program: (i) the sale of all right, title and interest in such Competitive Program, including all technology, intellectual property and other assets relating solely thereto, to a Third Party, without the retention or reservation of any rights, license or interest (other than an economic interest such as a right to receive payments) by the selling entity or its Affiliates; or (ii) the complete termination and/or shut-down of such Competitive Program such that no technology, intellectual property or other asset solely relating thereto is used by the terminating entity or its Affiliates for the conduct of such Competitive Program.