As specified definition

As specified means as verbally defined in specification.
As specified. - means as specified elsewhere in the specification.

Examples of As specified in a sentence

As specified in the Bid Documents and Contract, a Contractor may be solicited at the time of issuance of a Purchase Order or Mini-Bid award for best and final pricing for the Product or service to be delivered to the Authorized User.

Government-Furnished Property: As specified by the agency’s order, the Government may provide property, equipment, materials or resources as necessary.

As specified under paragraphs 2.10 and 2.12 of the guidelines , the Borrower shall use these documents and only make essential minimum alterations to meet the special requirements of the project or country.

New Materials: As specified in product sections; match existing products and work for patching and extending work.

Additional Requirements: As specified in individual product specification sections.

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