April 25 definition

April 25. For Temporary and Probationary I unit members, an observation(s) (See Appendix C, page C-5) is to be completed between December 10 and April 25, and a Teacher Lesson Observation Report is to be submitted to the evaluatee within five (5) school days of each observation. A conference shall be held concurrently with the above report. March 15: A Teacher Evaluation Report (See Appendix C, page C-9) is to be filled out in triplicate (one to the evaluatee, evaluator, and Office of Human Resources) and discussed at a conference on or before March 15 for Probationary II unit members. The evaluatee may choose to respond to the Teacher Evaluation Report within five

Examples of April 25 in a sentence

  • The Notes are to be issued under the Indenture dated as of April 25, 2018 (the “Indenture”) among the Company, the Guarantor and Citibank, N.A., as trustee, and will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the Guarantor as and to the extent set forth in the Indenture (the “Guarantee”).

  • This contract may use restricted funding that was appropriated on or after April 25, 2011.

  • Public Laws 112-10, Section 1340(a) and 112-55, Section 539, restrict NASA from contracting to participate, collaborate, coordinate bilaterally in any way with China or a Chinese-owned company using funds appropriated on or after April 25, 2011.

  • Management has evaluated events and transactions that have occurred since December 31, 2021 and reflected their effects, if any, in these consolidated statements through April 25, 2022, the date the financial statements were available to be issued and no material subsequent events have occurred.Item 8.

  • On April 25, 2008 the Company filed for a certificate of continuance and is continuing as a BC Company under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia).

  • Docket No. 19-0048 (issued April 25, 2019); L.M., Docket No. 13-1402 (issued February 7, 2014);Delores C.

  • See CRS Report 94-343, Navy DDG-51 Destroyer Procurement Rate: Issues and Options for Congress, by Ronald O’Rourke (April 25, 1994; out of print and available directly from the author), and CRS Report 80-205, The Navy’s Proposed Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) Class Guided Missile Destroyer Program: A Comparison With An Equal-Cost Force Of Ticonderoga (CG-47) Class Guided Missile Destroyers, by Ronald O’Rourke (November 21, 1984; out of print and available directly from the author).

  • Jeffrey Lewis, “An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by any Other Name,” Foreign Policy, April 25, 2014, http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/04/25/nuclear_semantics_russia_inf_treaty_missiles_icbm.

  • Revised – By action of the University Senate, April 25, 1996; Revised – By action of the University Senate, January 25, 2001; Revised – By action of the University Senate, February 28, 2002: University Senate, March 11, 2004; Combined Faculty, May 10, 2004; Board of Trustees, December 17, 2004; University Senate, March 30, 2006; Revised – By action of the University Senate, January 20, 2011; Combined Faculty, April 4, 2011.

  • Taipei), April 16, 2003; China Times (Taipei), April 19, 2003; Taipei Times, April 25, 2003; Central News Agency (Taipei), May 9, 2003.

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  • Dated _________________________ NOTICE: The signature to this assignment must correspond with the name as written upon the face of this Certificate in every particular without alteration or enlargement or any change whatever. _______________________________ SIGNATURE GUARANTEED The signature must be guaranteed by a commercial bank or trust company or by a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange or another national securities exchange. Notarized or witnessed signatures are not acceptable. DISTRIBUTION INSTRUCTIONS The assignee should include the following for purposes of distribution: Distributions shall be made, by wire transfer or otherwise, in immediately available funds to _________________________________ for the account of __________________________________ account number _______________ or, if mailed by check, to _______________________________________. Statements should be mailed to _______________________________________________________________. This information is provided by assignee named above, or ______________________________ , as its agent. EXHIBIT A-10 J.P. MORGAN CHASE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE SECURITIES TRUST 2006-LDP9 XXXXXRCIAL MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES SERIES 2006-LDP9, CLASS A-M THIS CLASS A-M CERTIFICATE IS SUBORDINATED IN RIGHT OF PAYMENT TO CERTAIN OTHER CLASSES OF CERTIFICATES OF THIS SERIES TO THE EXTENT DESCRIBED IN THE POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT. THE PORTION OF THE CERTIFICATE BALANCE OF THE CERTIFICATES EVIDENCED BY THIS CERTIFICATE WILL BE DECREASED BY THE PORTION OF PRINCIPAL DISTRIBUTIONS ON THE CERTIFICATES AND THE PORTION OF COLLATERAL SUPPORT DEFICIT ALLOCABLE TO THIS CERTIFICATE. ACCORDINGLY, THE CERTIFICATE BALANCE OF THIS CERTIFICATE MAY BE LESS THAN THAT SET FORTH BELOW. ANYONE ACQUIRING THIS CERTIFICATE MAY ASCERTAIN ITS CURRENT CERTIFICATE BALANCE BY INQUIRY OF THE PAYING AGENT. THIS CERTIFICATE CONSTITUTES A REMIC REGULAR INTEREST UNDER THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE OF 1986, AS AMENDED. Unless this Certificate is presented by an authorized representative of The Depository Trust Company, a New York corporation ("DTC"), to the certificate registrar for registration of transfer, exchange or payment, and any certificate issued is registered in the name of Cede & Co. or in such other name as is requested by an authorized representative of DTC (and any payment is made to Cede & Co. or to such other entity as is requested by an authorized representative of DTC), ANY TRANSFER, PLEDGE OR OTHER USE HEREOF FOR VALUE OR OTHERWISE BY OR TO ANY PERSON IS WRONGFUL inasmuch as the registered owner hereof, Cede & Co., has an interest herein. PASS-THROUGH RATE: 5.3720% MASTER SERVICERS: MIDLAND LOAN SERVICES, INC., CAPMARK FINANCE INC. AND WACHOVIA DENOMINATION: $363,993,000 BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION DATE OF POOLING AND SERVICING SPECIAL SERVICER: LNR PARTNERS, INC. AGREEMENT: AS OF DECEMBER 1, 2006 TRUSTEE: LASALLE BANK NATIONAL CUT-OFF DATE: AS SET FORTH IN THE ASSOCIATION POOLING AND SERVICING AGREEMENT (AS DEFINED HEREIN) PAYING AGENT: WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.

  • Central Clock Time or "CCT" means Central Daylight Time when Daylight Savings Time is in effect and Central Standard Time when Daylight Savings Time is not in effect.

  • Second Restatement Date means October 20, 2011.

  • Summer Season in any year, means the Season commencing on 01 April in that year;

  • beginning mean "from and including," the word "after" means "from but excluding," the words "to" and "until" mean "to but excluding," and the word "through" means "to and including." Likewise, in setting deadlines or other periods, "by" means "by." The words "preceding," "following," and words of similar import, mean immediately preceding or following. References to a month or a year refer to calendar months and calendar years.

  • Inception Date means in respect of a Fund, the first date on which the Fund issued shares.

  • Start means the relevant Compounded Index value on the day falling the Relevant Number of Index Days prior to the first day of the relevant Interest Period.

  • Term Start Date has the meaning set forth in Section 1.01.

  • Accounting Period means a period ending on and including an accounting date and commencing (in case of the first such period) on the date on which the Trust Property is first paid or transferred to the Trustee and (in any other case) from the next day of the preceding accounting period.

  • Interim Period means a period commencing on the first day of the financial year and ending 9, 6 or 3 months before the end of the financial year;

  • Second Restatement Effective Date has the meaning specified in the Second Amendment Agreement.

  • PID means photo ionization detector.

  • Summer Period means the June, July, August, and September billing months. “Winter Period” means the December, January, February, and March billing months. “Transition Period” means the April, May, October, and November billing months.

  • Memorandum of Understanding means that certain predecessor agreement between the Parties to develop this Joint Operating Agreement dated February 27, 2004.

  • Railway Operation Date means the date of the first carriage of iron ore, freight goods or other products over the relevant Railway (other than for construction or commissioning purposes);

  • Start Date for Term Calculation Purposes Only: Regardless of actual award/effective date of Contract, for Agreement “term” calculation purposes only, the Agreement “start date” is the last day of the month that Award Notifications are anticipated as published in the Solicitation. Example: If the anticipated award date published in the Solicitation is August 27, 2020 but extended negotiations delay award until September 24, 2020 the end date of the resulting initial “two-year” term Agreement, (which is subject to an extension(s)) will still be August 31, 2022 in this example

  • Operating Period means the period commencing from the Commercial Operation Date, until the last day of the Term of this Agreement or date of earlier termination of this Agreement in accordance with Article 2 of this Agreement;

  • Second Reset Date means the date specified in the applicable Final Terms;

  • Beginning farmer means an individual, partnership, family farm corporation, or family farm limited liability company, with a low or moderate net worth that engages in farming or wishes to engage in farming.

  • ZERO DATE means the date of issue of LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) or issue of WORK ORDER, whichever is earlier.

  • WOfinal means, in respect of the Valuation Date, the lowest performance (expressed as a percentage) among the Securities as determined by the Calculation Agent in accordance with the following formula: Mini = 1 to 2 Where:

  • Allowance Date means the date on which a Claim becomes an Allowed Claim.

  • Class II renewable energy means electric energy produced at a

  • Year means a calendar year.

  • Securitization Date means the effective date on which the Securitization of the first Note or portion thereof is consummated.

  • CarMax Funding means CarMax Auto Funding LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.