Approved Loans definition

Approved Loans means loans made to the Partnership which are approved in writing by the Limited Partner. The Mortgage Loan shall be an Approved Loan.
Approved Loans means the loans contained in the Financing Plan submitted to City by the Lessee as required by the Disposition Agreement and approved by City, obtained by the Lessee in connection with and secured by the Development and approved in writing by City.
Approved Loans means the Housing Authority loan, the Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. loan, senior mortgage loan, and the Freddie Mac permanent loan.

Examples of Approved Loans in a sentence

  • Approved Loans Retention: 7 years after loan is paid or as specified by lending agency 2.

  • The contractor shall maintain Performa, charts & details regarding machinery, equipment’s, materials labour, personnel & other matters as may be specified by the Corporation time to time.

  • Table 3: Approved Loans Outstanding, by Sector Loan Amount Loan No. TitleApproved($ million)Actual($ million)No. = number.Source: Loan Financial Information System.

  • Manila.29 For details, see Appendix 2.Table 4: Composition of Approved Loans and Technical Assistance by Objective of Country Operational Strategy, 1983–2003 Distribution by Number of Projects (%)Distribution by Amount of Assistance (%)SectorLoansADTA = advisory technical assistance.Source: Based on Appendix 2, tables A2.1 to A2.3.

  • Table 5: Composition of Approved Loans and Technical Assistance by Amount of Assistance($ million) 1983–1991 Sector Loan ADTAs Total 1992–1998 Loan ADTAs Total 1999–2003 Loan ADTAs Total Agriculture/Natural Resources7.86.214.0ADTA = advisory technical assistance.Source: Loan and technical assistance documents.

  • CSFB acknowledges that by the terms of the transaction documents underlying Approved Loans originated by CapitalSource, CapitalSource may have the right of first refusal to refinance such Approved Loans.

  • Nevertheless, the good practices and experiences of the recovery and reconstruction efforts are worthy of summary and brief analysis in order to expand our collective understanding of and abilities in disaster risk reduction and recovery.

  • CapitalSource shall be entitled to receive all exit fees with respect to Approved Loans originated by Column and included in a Securitization; provided, however, that CapitalSource shall not receive any such exit fees in connection with a Senior Participation Securitization or in the event that it does not purchase the Subordinated Securities as required by Section 4.03.

  • CSFB shall be entitled to receive all origination fees with respect to Approved Loans originated by Column and included in a Securitization.

  • CapitalSource shall be entitled to receive all origination fees and exit fees with respect to Approved Loans originated by CapitalSource and included in a Securitization.

More Definitions of Approved Loans

Approved Loans means the bank loan to Developer for construction of the homes.
Approved Loans means interest-bearing loans and/or xxxx-up loans made in favor of the Company, including Bank Debt, but not loans by stockholders in favor of the Company.
Approved Loans means the interest bearing loans and/or xxxx-up based financing made in favour of the Company including bank debt but excluding loans by shareholders to the Company as per details provided in Schedule (1) hereto, entitled to be serviced from the Service Account in addition to the service of financing by MCC under the Finance Agreement.
Approved Loans means loans made to the Company or any Subsidiary which are approved in writing by the Executive Committee. Each of the Xxxxx Loan, the Cigna Loan and the Mezzanine Loans described on Exhibit E attached to this Agreement shall be deemed to be an Approved Loan hereunder.

Related to Approved Loans

  • Approved Lender is defined in Section 12.1.

  • VA Approved Lender means a lender which is approved by the VA to act as a lender in connection with the origination of VA Loans.

  • Loans means the loans made by the Lenders to the Borrower pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Refinanced Loans has the meaning specified in Section 10.01.

  • New Loans means Loans made by the Failed Bank after the Bid Valuation Date that are not continuations, amendments, modifications, renewals, extensions, refinancings, restructurings, or refundings of or for any then existing Loan.

  • Related Loans has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1. “Restructuring Loss” means the loss on a modified or restructured loan measured by the difference between (a) the principal, Accrued Interest, tax and insurance advances, third party or other fees due on a loan prior to the modification or restructuring, and

  • Offered Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(d)(iii).

  • Replacement Revolving Loans shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(l).

  • Eligible Loans has the meaning specified in any of the Purchase Agreements or the Sale Agreement, as applicable.

  • Permitted Loans means:

  • Extended Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.17(a).

  • Collateral Loan means a Senior Secured Loan, a Senior Secured Bond, a First Lien/Last Out Loan or a Second Lien Loan or a Participation Interest in any Senior Secured Loan, First Lien/Last Out Loan or Second Lien Loan that as of the date of acquisition by the Borrower meets each of the following criteria:

  • Total Loans at any time, the aggregate principal amount of the Loans of the Lenders outstanding at such time (after converting the outstanding principal amount of any Loans denominated in the Optional Currency into the Dollar Equivalent thereof at such time).

  • Replacement Loans has the meaning specified in Section 10.01.

  • Existing Loans shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(a).

  • Purchased Loans means, with respect to each Purchase Agreement, the Loans offered for sale and purchased or substituted pursuant to such Purchase Agreement.

  • approved facility means any private practice, hospital, clinic or other health facility in Namibia defined in section 1 of the Hospitals and Health Facilities Act, 1994 (Act No. 36 of 1994), approved by the Council for the purpose of the training of hearing aid acoustics interns, and “facility” has a corresponding meaning;

  • Original Loans means the loans and other extensions of credit outstanding under the Original Credit Agreement as of the Effective Date.

  • Conduit Inventory Loan shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 14(d).

  • Failed Bank Advances means the total sums paid by the Failed Bank to (i) protect its lien position, (ii) pay ad valorem taxes and hazard insurance, and (iii) pay credit life insurance, accident and health insurance, and vendor's single interest insurance.

  • Additional Loans means any Additional Revolving Loans and any Additional Term Loans.

  • Cooperative Loans Any of the Mortgage Loans made in respect of a Cooperative Apartment, evidenced by a Mortgage Note and secured by (i) a Security Agreement, (ii) the related Cooperative Stock Certificate, (iii) an assignment of the Cooperative Lease, (iv) financing statements and (v) a stock power (or other similar instrument), and ancillary thereto, a recognition agreement between the Cooperative and the originator of the Cooperative Loan, each of which was transferred and assigned to the Trustee pursuant to Section 2.01 and are from time to time held as part of the Trust Fund.

  • Initial Loans means the Eligible Loans evidenced by the Notes sold on the Closing Date pursuant to the Initial Purchase Agreement and related documentation, together with any guaranties and other rights relating thereto including, without limitation, Interest Subsidy Payments and Special Allowance Payments.

  • Originating Lender has the meaning specified therefor in Section 13.1(e) of the Agreement.