Appealing Party definition

Appealing Party means the Provider or Recipient, as defined in 10A NCAC 10 .0102.
Appealing Party means that Person Responsible for Code Compliance has been served with a Notice of Violation and Order to Abate or Stop Work Order or Violation of the terms of a Voluntary Compliance Agreement and has appealed the determination to the Skagit County Hearing Examiner or to the Skagit County Superior court.
Appealing Party means the owner, occupant, lienholder, or other person with a property interest in the subject property.

Examples of Appealing Party in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, an Appealing Party may not submit more than one Appeal and one Authority Appeal in respect of the same Self-Governance Modification Proposal.

  • The Modification Panel shall decide, at the meeting referred to in paragraph 13.2, whether to confirm or reverse its determination under paragraph 9.3.10(a) having regard to any representations made by the Appealing Party in support of the Appeal.

  • The Authority shall notify the Secretary and the Appealing Party of its decision under paragraph 13.7 in respect of the Authority Appeal as soon as reasonably practicable following receipt of the Authority Appeal, and the decision of the Authority shall be final and binding.

  • The Appealing Party may no later than fifteen (15) Business Days after the Self-Governance Modification Proposal Determination Date make an appeal to the Authority; such appeal to identify the Self-Governance Modification Proposal which is the subject of the appeal and include any representations which the Appealing Party wishes to make in support of the appeal.

  • If the Appealing Party receives additional information after the Executive Director has denied the Appeal, but prior to the posting of the Appeal for Board consideration, the new information must be provided to the Executive Director for further consideration or the Board will not consider any information submitted by the Applicant after the written Appeal.

  • The Appealing Party shall have 30 minutes in which to present the appeal to the Board of Directors.

  • Questions for the Appealing Party will be handled at the discretion of the CCEA President.

  • No member of the Board of Directors will present the appeal on behalf of the Appealing Party.

  • The Appealing Party must specifically identify the grounds for the Appeal based on the disposition of the application.

  • The Executive Director shall respond in writing to the Appeal not later than the fourteenth day after the date of receipt of the Appeal.If the Appealing Party is not satisfied with the Executive Director's response to the Appeal, they may appeal in writing directly to the Board of the TDHCA within seven days after the date of the Executive Director's response.

Related to Appealing Party

  • Defending Party has the meaning set forth in Section 14.2.3.

  • Settling Party means any one of, and “Settling Parties” means all of, the parties to the Stipulation, namely Defendants and Plaintiffs (on behalf of themselves and the Settlement Class).

  • Filing Party has the meaning set forth in Section 6.12(b).

  • Third party claimant means any individual, corporation, association, partnership, or other legal entity asserting a claim against any individual, corporation, association, partnership, or other legal entity insured under an insurance policy or insurance contract.

  • Preparing Party has the meaning set forth in Section 2.04(a)(ii).

  • Prosecuting Party has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2(c).

  • Enforcing Party In connection with any Repurchase Request, (i) in the event one or more Requesting Certificateholders or Consultation Requesting Certificateholders has delivered a Final Dispute Resolution Election Notice with respect thereto pursuant to Section 2.03(g) of this Agreement, with respect to the mediation or arbitration that arises out of such Final Dispute Resolution Election Notice, such Requesting Certificateholder(s) and/or Consultation Requesting Certificateholder(s), or (ii) in all other cases, the Enforcing Servicer.

  • Billing Party means the Party rendering a bill.

  • Aggrieved party means a party entitled to pursue a remedy.

  • Third Party Claim has the meaning set forth in Section 8.3.

  • complaining Party means any Party that requests the establishment of an arbitration panel under Article 3.5 (Initiation of the Arbitration Procedure);

  • First party claimant means an individual, corporation, association, partnership or other legal entity asserting a right to payment under an insurance policy or insurance contract arising out of the occurrence of the contingency or loss covered by such policy or contract;

  • Initiating Party shall have the meaning set forth in Article 13.

  • Opposing Party means the third party that owes Borrower Miscellaneous Proceeds or the party against whom Xxxxxxxx has a right of action in regard to Miscellaneous Proceeds. Borrower shall be in default if any action or proceeding, whether civil or criminal, is begun that, in Xxxxxx’s judgment, could result in forfeiture of the Property or other material impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property or rights under this Security Instrument. Borrower can cure such a default and, if acceleration has occurred, reinstate as provided in Section 19, by causing the action or proceeding to be dismissed with a ruling that, in Xxxxxx’s judgment, precludes forfeiture of the Property or other material impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property or rights under this Security Instrument. The proceeds of any award or claim for damages that are attributable to the impairment of Xxxxxx’s interest in the Property are hereby assigned and shall be paid to Lender. All Miscellaneous Proceeds that are not applied to restoration or repair of the Property shall be applied in the order provided for in Section 2.

  • Notifying Party As defined in Section 3.01(i).

  • Adjudicatory hearing means a hearing to determine:

  • Disputing Party has the meaning specified in Paragraph 5.

  • Appeal means a request for a review of the Floodplain Administrator's interpretation of any provision of this ordinance.

  • Responding Party has the meaning set forth in Section 7.02(a).

  • Assisting Party means a party that provides assistance pursuant to this Agreement during an emergency or disaster.

  • Third Party Action means any suit or proceeding by a person or entity other than a Party for which indemnification may be sought by a Party under Article VII.

  • BRRD Party means any party to this Agreement subject to the Bail-in Legislation.

  • injured party means any person entitled to claim compensation in respect of any loss or injury caused by a vehicle;

  • Complaint Investigation means an investigation of any complaint that has been made to a proper authority that is not covered by an abuse investigation.

  • Indemnified Party shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5(c).

  • Adjudicatory proceeding means a contested case, a proceeding that may culminate in a contested case, a petition for declaratory order, a petition for expedited resolution of a negotiability dispute, or any other proceeding which may require the board or its designee to issue a decision, order, or ruling.