Any One Hour definition

Any One Hour means any period of 60 consecutive minutes during the 24-hour day.

Examples of Any One Hour in a sentence

  • Overall Width Of Carriageway (m)Yellow Box To Be Provided IfVehicle Numbers In Any One Hour In Either Direction Exceed5.0 to 5.95006.0 to 7.46007.5 and over750 As the road traffic flows in Station Road fall below these figures there is no requirement to provide a yellow box marking at Carnoustie, although there is little storage area for vehicles between the crossing and the ‘Give Way’ sign at Tayside Street.

  • Maximum Allowable Fuel Consumption in Any One Hour Period (gal): 25 .

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  • Any one illness means continuous Period of illness and it includes relapse within 45 days from the date of last consultation with the Hospital/Nursing Home where treatment may have been taken.

  • Labor hours means the total hours for workers who are receiving an hourly wage and who are directly employed for the public works project. "Labor hours" includes hours performed by workers employed by the contractor and subcontractors on the public works project. "Labor hours" does not include hours worked by the forepersons, superintendents, owners, and workers who are not subject to prevailing wage requirements.

  • Kilowatt-hour means the basic unit of electric energy equal to one Kilowatt of power supplied to or taken from an electric circuit steadily for one hour. One-Kilowatt hour equals 1,000 Watt-hours. Electric energy is commonly sold by the Kilowatt-hour.

  • On-Peak Hours means Hour Ending (“HE”) 0800 through HE 2300 EPT, Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and PJM holidays.

  • Peak tube potential means the maximum value of the potential difference across the x-ray tube during an exposure.

  • Conviction of fraud or any other felony means any conviction for fraud or a felony in violation of state or Federal criminal statutes, whether entered on a verdict or plea, including a plea of nolo contendere, for which sentence has been imposed.

  • Any Occupation means any occupation that you are or become reasonably fitted by training, education, experience, age, physical and mental capacity.

  • Punitive Damages are those damages awarded as a penalty, the amount of which is neither governed nor fixed by statute.

  • Flight Hour means each hour or part thereof elapsing from the moment at which the wheels of the Aircraft (or other aircraft in the case of Parts or Engines temporarily installed on such other aircraft) leave the ground on the take-off of the Aircraft (or such other aircraft) until the wheels of the Aircraft (or such other aircraft) touch the ground on the landing of the Aircraft (or such other aircraft) following such take-off.

  • Invitees means employees, workers, visitors, guests, customers, suppliers, agents, contractors, representatives, licensees and other invitees.

  • Credit hour means 50 minutes of classroom instruction in

  • of any Person means, without duplication, (a) all obligations of such Person for borrowed money or with respect to deposits or advances of any kind, (b) all obligations of such Person evidenced by bonds, debentures, notes or similar instruments, (c) all obligations of such Person upon which interest charges are customarily paid, (d) all obligations of such Person under conditional sale or other title retention agreements relating to property acquired by such Person, (e) all obligations of such Person in respect of the deferred purchase price of property or services (excluding current accounts payable incurred in the ordinary course of business), (f) all Indebtedness of others secured by (or for which the holder of such Indebtedness has an existing right, contingent or otherwise, to be secured by) any Lien on property owned or acquired by such Person, whether or not the Indebtedness secured thereby has been assumed, (g) all Guarantees by such Person of Indebtedness of others, (h) all Capital Lease Obligations of such Person, (i) all obligations, contingent or otherwise, of such Person as an account party in respect of letters of credit and letters of guaranty and (j) all obligations, contingent or otherwise, of such Person in respect of bankers' acceptances. The Indebtedness of any Person shall include the Indebtedness of any other entity (including any partnership in which such Person is a general partner) to the extent such Person is liable therefor as a result of such Person's ownership interest in or other relationship with such entity, except to the extent the terms of such Indebtedness provide that such Person is not liable therefor.

  • Clock hour means either of the following:

  • Visitors means any visitor, user, subscriber or viewer of the i*Trade@CIMB Portal.

  • Peak Hours or “Peak Period” means the period with the highest ridership during the entire transit service day as determined by the transit operator. Must include at least one hour during the morning commute hours and one during evening commute hours, Monday through Friday. Each Peak Period cannot be longer than three hours.

  • Shippers means the party or parties who agrees with Carrier for transportation of Petroleum.

  • Basket Performance means a decimal number calculated by applying the following formula: ∑X BP =  Wi ×Underlying i,FINAL i=1 Underlying i,INITIAL  where: BP = Basket Performance X = 10 Wi = Weighting of the relevant Underlying Underlying i,FINAL Underlying i,INITIAL= Arithmetic mean of the Reference Prices of the relevant Underlying with respect to all Averaging Dates = Initial Price of the relevant Underlying

  • Attack directed against any civilian population means a course of conduct involving the multiple commission of acts referred to in paragraph 1 against any civilian population, pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit such attack;

  • Classroom hour means 50 minutes of instruction out of

  • human performance means human capabilities and limitations which have an impact on the safety and efficiency of aeronautical operations;

  • Service Volume means a measure of Services for which a Performance Target is set;

  • Trespass on a place, means —

  • Guests means the Tenant's licensees, invitees and all others in, on or about the Leased Premises, the Building, the Common Facilities or the Property, either at the Tenant's express or implied request or invitation or for the purpose of soliciting or visiting the Tenant.

  • Service Hours means the amount of time (measured in hours or fractions thereof) a Unit is Delivering Energy or Ancillary Services pursuant to a Dispatch Notice.

  • Discriminate means distinctions in treatment because of race, sex, color, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin of any person.

  • Service credit year means an accumulation of months of