Annex X definition

Annex X. Annex X (as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified and in effect from time to time) attached to the Pooling Agreement.
Annex X means the annex to the Bangui Agreement on new varieties of plants;
Annex X means, Annex X to the Pooling Agreement, as amended from time to time. "Applicable Margin" means as set out in Schedule 1 (Applicable Margin) hereto.

Examples of Annex X in a sentence

  • On 13 December 2018 the Complainant requested further documents that had been listed in the documents register but which were not available to be downloaded (Annex X).

  • However, it must be noted that the supplementary benefit at issue in the main proceedings constitutes, by virtue of the TW’s entry in Annex X to Regulation No 883/2004, a ‘special non-contributory cash benefit’, within the meaning of Article 70(2) of that regulation.

  • Annex XXI to Implementing Regulation (EU) No 680/2014 is replaced by the text set out in Annex X to this Regulation.

  • The Mobility Component of DLA, as a SNCB1, cannot be claimed from abroad; but see paragraph 9 above regarding certain claimants with transitional protection.1 Reg (EEC) 1408/71 Art 4(2a), Art 10a, & Annex IIA, & Reg (EC) 883/04 Art 3(3) & Art 70 &Annex X & CJEU Judgement case C-537/09.

  • The annual breakdown of global resources allocated under the European Urban Initiative available for programming is set out in Annex X.

  • Tutorial and various packages and pricing of “TVB Anywhere” and “TVB Anywhere+” are introduced at website of TVB Anywhere Limited ( (reference Annex X of the Complaint).

  • The duty rate provided for in Annex III.A shall be applied to New Zealand butter imported under the present section only on presentation of the declaration of release for free circulation accompanied by an import licence, issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 35a, and an IMA 1 certificate as referred to in Annex X issued by an issuing body listed in Annex XII, proving the eligibility requirements and the origin of the product covered by that declaration.

  • The V I 2 form shall be an extract made out in accordance with the specimen shown in Annex X, containing the data appearing on a V I 1 document or another V I 2 extract and stamped by a Community customs office.Both the original and the copy shall accompany the product.

  • For the purposes of this Chapter, “special non-contributory cash benefits” means those which: … (c) are listed in Annex X.

More Definitions of Annex X

Annex X means, Annex X to the Pooling Agreement, as amended from time to time.

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