Amendment to Section 3 definition

Amendment to Section 3. The following subsections shall be added after Section 3(k):
Amendment to Section 3. Section 3 shall be amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows:

Examples of Amendment to Section 3 in a sentence

  • Amended Sections 7 and 3 by the Board of Directors on November 30, 1999 (and Amendment to Section 3 adopted by the Shareholders of the Company on January 25, 2000).

  • In the solicitation, the Corps allocated $5,200,000.00 for the contract for the current fiscal year and indicated that it “expected that Congress will make appropriations for future fiscal years from which additional funds .

  • Mangen MJ, Otte J, Chilonda P, Pfeiffer J (2002) Bovine brucellosis in sub- Saharan Africa: Estimation of seroprevalence and impact on meat andmilk offtake potential.

  • Amendment to Section 3: “The planning commission shall review land use ordinances and regulations development regulations of the county and make recommendations in cooperation with DCD regarding them to the board of commissioners.”2.

  • The effectiveness of this Amendment to Section 3 set forth in this Paragraph 3 shall be conditioned upon its approval by the Company's shareholders at the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

  • Amendment to Section 3, Term and Termination: Section 3(a) of the Agreement shall be hereby amended to extend the Initial Term from June 30, 2019 through June 30, 2023.

  • October 3, 2020 Amendment to Section 3 ( Resolutions of a Convened DC) of the 2018 ISDA Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee Rules, § 3.2(c); see also Sept.

  • The IBC (Amendment) Act, 2018 as gazetted on 20 September 2018 removes (Clause 4 – Amendment to Section 3) unequivocally the references to the restrictions for these companies "to carry on business with persons resident in Anguilla" and "to own or hold an interest, whether legal or beneficial, in real property situated in Anguilla […]"(Section 3 (1)(a) and (e)).

  • Amendment to Section 3 contained in House Bill 1535, effective on September 1, 2019: Sec.

  • The wording has been changed to the following: Amendment to Section 3.

Related to Amendment to Section 3

  • the second supplementary agreement means the agreement a copy of which is set out in Schedule 4;

  • Amendment to Allege Use or similar filing with respect thereto, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, only to the extent, if any, that, and solely during the period if any, in which, the grant of a security interest therein may impair the validity or enforceability of such intent-to-use (or similar) Trademark application under applicable federal Law,

  • Amendment No. 4 Effective Date means the “Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 4.

  • Amendment and Restatement Agreement means the Amendment and Restatement Agreement, dated as of January 29, 2016, among the Borrowers, the Lenders party thereto and the Administrative Agent.

  • Amendment No. 8 Effective Date means the “Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 8.

  • Amendment No. 1 Effective Date has the meaning specified in Amendment No. 1.

  • Amendment No. 7 Effective Date means September 17, 2013.

  • Amendment No. 3 Effective Date means the “Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 3.

  • General Agreement means the Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions General Agreement PSA AG 25 of 2002 or its replacement or the Public Service General Agreement PSA AG 24 of 2002 or its replacement whichever is applicable.

  • Amendment No. 2 Effective Date has the meaning specified in Amendment No. 2.

  • Amendment No. 5 Effective Date means the “Amendment Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 5.

  • Form of Agreement means the form of agreement contained in Part D of the RFP;

  • Amendment No. 6 Effective Date means November 29, 2017, the date on which all conditions precedent set forth in Section 5 of Amendment No. 6 are satisfied.

  • L/C Amendment Application means an application form for amendment of outstanding standby or commercial documentary letters of credit as shall at any time be in use at the Issuing Bank, as the Issuing Bank shall request.

  • Other Definitional Provisions set forth in Section 1.2 of the Basic Servicing Agreement are incorporated by reference into this 2017-3 Servicing Supplement.

  • First Amended and Restated Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Amendment and Restatement Effective Date means June 28, 2018, the date the amendments and restatements to the Plan of May 7, 2018 are subject to approval by the Company’s stockholders at the Company’s 2018 Annual Meeting.

  • WTO Agreement means the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization, done at Marrakesh on 15 April 1994.

  • Master Definitions Schedule means the amended and restated schedule of definitions relating to the Programme originally dated the Programme Effective Date and as most recently amended and restated on 18 December 2020 (as further amended, supplemented and/or replaced from time to time).

  • Amended and Restated Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Addendum / Amendment means any written amendment / addendum /corrigendum to this RFP, from time to time issued by NMRC to the prospective bidders

  • FBF Definitions means the definitions set out in the 2007 FBF Master Agreement relating to transactions on forward financial instruments as supplemented by the Technical Schedules (Additifs Techniques) as published by the Fédération Bancaire Française (together the "FBF Master Agreement"), unless otherwise specified in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Omnibus Amendment means that certain Omnibus Amendment to Other Transaction Documents and Reaffirmation of Guaranty dated as of the First Amendment and Restatement Date, by and among Seller, Guarantor and Buyer.

  • Terms of Reference (TORs) means the Terms of Reference that explains the objectives, scope of work, activities, and tasks to be performed, respective responsibilities of the Procuring Entity and the Consultant, and expected results and deliverables of the assignment.

  • the First Variation Agreement means the agreement a copy of which is set forth in the Second Schedule;

  • Certain Defined Terms As used in this Agreement, the term "Prospectus" means the applicable Portfolio's prospectus and related statement of additional information, whether in paper format or electronic format, included in the Portfolio's then currently effective registration statement (or post-effective amendment thereto), and any information that we or the Portfolio may issue to you as a supplement to such prospectus or statement of additional information (a "sticker"), all as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933. 2.