Altepetl definition

Altepetl means ―the water(s), the mountain(s)‖ – a reference to its territorial land base (Lockhart 1992:14). Before describing the altepetl sociopolitical structure, it should be noted that many Mesoamerican scholars prefer not to use the Nahua term, instead labeling these units "city states" (Charlton and Nichols 1997; Smith 2008), since the central cluster was typically called a city by the Spanish. There are, of course, quibbles and questions about the applicability of that Old World political category to Mesoamerican cases (e.g. Yoffee REFS), but those terminological debates do not negate the importance of data and information gathered under the rubric "city state" (especially by Michael Smith, below). One man's altepetl is another man's city state. I will use the term atlepetl and sometimes atlepetl/city-state here, and it should be noted that the socio- political structure it described also characterized many non-Nahua areas of Mesoamerica (discussed below).

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