Allotment definition

Allotment means the distribution of job credits based upon need as determined by the community colleges.
Allotment means a portion of an appropriation which may be expended or encumbered during a certain period of time.
Allotment. , in relation to shares, means a transaction by which a person acquires the unconditional right to be included in a company’s register of members in respect of the shares;

Examples of Allotment in a sentence

  • Switches / Systematic Transfers / Allotment of Bonus Units / Dividend reinvestment Units / Transfer / Transmission of units, etc will not be considered as subscription for the purpose of levying the transaction charge.

  • The dispatch of Allotment Advice shall be deemed a valid, binding and irrevocable contract.

  • QIBs may Bid at a price higher than the Floor Price and the Allotment to the QIBs is made on a price priority basis.

  • For Basis of Allotment to Anchor Investors, Bidders/Applicants may refer to RHP/Prospectus.

  • Thereafter, the Allotment Advice will be issued to such Anchor Investors.

More Definitions of Allotment

Allotment means the process or processes by which the number of securities to be received by investors who have previously subscribed or applied for them is determined;
Allotment means an amount of securities assigned to each of the participants, subscribers, or allottees. The financial responsibilities of the subscribers are set forth in an allotment notice, which is prepared by the issuer or lead manager.
Allotment means the grant of a license to a University employee to occupy a GGSIPU residence or a portion thereof owned, leased or requisitioned by the University, for use by him as residence;