Definition of Alberta Rules

Alberta Rules means the rules made under the Alberta Act; (e)

Examples of Alberta Rules in a sentence

For example, if the 'amount involved' is $25,000 the basic costs will be 1 Based on the Alberta Law Reform Institute, Alberta Rules of Court Project: Costs and Sanctions (Consultation Memorandum No 12.17, 2005) 2 Manitoba Law Reform Commission (2005), Costs Awards in Civil Litigation, at page 17.
C-44, as amended; AND IN THE MATTER OF Rules 6(3) and 261(3) of the Alberta Rules of Court; AND IN THE MATTER OF a proposed Arrangement in respect of TransCanada PipeLines Limited, the Holders of its Common Shares and TransCanada Corporation.
ANI) FURTHER TAKE I*OTICE that the Applicant intends to rely upon: Part 56.1 of the Alberta Rules of Court; the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A. 2000, c.