Aircrew definition

Aircrew means flight crew and cabin crew;
Aircrew means every person employed or engaged in an aircraft in flight on the business of the aircraft, and

Examples of Aircrew in a sentence

A passenger is any person aboard an aircraft, when traveling on official BLM business, who does not perform the function of a flight crewmember or Aircrew member.

Aircrew Member: An Aircrew member is a person working in and around aircraft who is essential to ensure the safety and successful outcome of the mission.

Aircrew Members are required to:• Be on board or to attend to the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo at all landings and takeoffs• Attend to external loads• Ensure all passengers have received a safety briefing prior to all flights.

Aircrew of allied host nations or U.S. Government agencies other than DA who are flying Army aircraft, unless superseded by agreements with that nation or agency.

Ensure compliance with local accountability procedures IAW AFI 11-212, Munitions Requirements for Aircrew Training, and AFMAN 21-201.

Aircrew Members: Personnel (not pilot/passenger) required to be on board the aircraft to perform an active mission function during a flight to ensure the successful outcome of the mission.

Annually review DOC Statements, OPLANs, Syllabus, Ready Aircrew Program tasking memorandum, UCML/TTMLs, unit-tasked Unit Type Code (UTC) requirements (for equipment and personnel) and UMD to identify any disconnects or problems for weapons.

Senior Aircrew Officer (SACO) Entry as a Senior Aircrew Officer (SACO) is through selection based on vocational testing.

The Aircrew stream comprises employees engaged by Public Safety Business Agency in the roles of Chief Aircrew Officer, Senior Aircrew Officer, Aircrew Officer and Rescue Crew Officer, within the rotary airwing component of QG Air.

Allocation of employees engaged by Public Safety Business Agency within the Aircrew stream shall be in accordance with the generic level statements contained in Schedule 3.

More Definitions of Aircrew

Aircrew means those persons who are acting in their qualified capacity as the pilot, co-pilot, or cabin attendant of any Aircraft used for commercial, military or private purposes;
Aircrew means a Aircraft captain and co-pilot provided to operate the Aircraft and any other approved pilot as may be provided from time to time in terms of and in accordance with this Contract;
Aircrew includes a pilot, navigator, flight engineer, weapon sensor operator, air tactical coordinator, air quartermaster, air steward and air stewardess who performs aviation duties in a unit of the Armed Forces of Malaysia;
Aircrew means the person, or persons, staffing an aircraft.
Aircrew means a holder of a licence and an applicant for a licence granted under regulation 59 of the MCAR;

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Aircraft means any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against the earth’s surface;
Aircraft Documents means all technical data, manuals and log books, and all inspection, modification and overhaul records and other service, repair, maintenance and technical records that are required by the FAA (or the relevant Aviation Authority), to be maintained with respect to the Aircraft, Airframe, Engines or Parts, and such term shall include all additions, renewals, revisions and replacements of any such materials from time to time made, or required to be made, by the FAA (or other Aviation Authority) regulations, and in each case in whatever form and by whatever means or medium (including, without limitation, microfiche, microfilm, paper or computer disk) such materials may be maintained or retained by or on behalf of Owner (provided, that all such materials shall be maintained in the English language).
Aircraft Documentation means all (a) log books, Aircraft records, manuals and other documents provided to LESSEE in connection with the Aircraft, (b) documents listed in Exhibits E and K and (c) any other documents required to be maintained during the Lease Term by the Aviation Authority, LESSEE's Maintenance Program and this Lease.
aircraft engines means aircraft engines (other than those used in military, customs or police services) powered by jet propulsion or turbine or piston technology and:
aircraft operator means any legal or natural person operating or proposing to operate one or more aircraft;
Crew means the Master, officers and ratings of the numbers, rank and nationality specified in Annex “B” attached hereto.
Unmanned aircraft system means an unmanned aircraft and associated elements (including communication links and the components that control the unmanned air- craft) that are required for the operator to operate safely and efficiently in the national airspace system.’’.
Flight means any flight demonstration, flight test, taxi test, or other flight made in the performance of this contract, or for the purpose of safeguarding the aircraft, or previously approved in writing by the Contracting Officer.
Aircraft Protocol means the official English language text of the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment, adopted on November 16, 2001, at a diplomatic conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and all amendments, supplements, and revisions thereto (and from and after the effective date of the Cape Town Treaty in the relevant country, means when referring to the Aircraft Protocol with respect to that country, the Aircraft Protocol as in effect in such country, unless otherwise indicated).
Unmanned aircraft means an aircraft that is not:
Engine means (a) each of the two [Engine Manufacturer and Model] engines (generic manufacturer and model [Generic Manufacturer and Model]) listed by manufacturer’s serial number and further described in Annex A to the Indenture Supplement originally executed and delivered under the Indenture, whether or not from time to time installed on the Airframe or installed on any other airframe or on any other aircraft, and (b) any Replacement Engine that may from time to time be substituted for an Engine pursuant to Section 7.04 or 7.05 of the Indenture; together in each case with any and all related Parts, but excluding items installed or incorporated in or attached to any such engine from time to time that are excluded from the definition of Parts. At such time as a Replacement Engine shall be so substituted and the Engine for which substitution is made shall be released from the Lien of the Indenture, such replaced Engine shall cease to be an Engine under the Indenture.
airframes means airframes (other than those used in military, customs or police services) that, when appropriate aircraft engines are installed thereon, are type certified by the competent aviation authority to transport:
construction site means a workplace where construction work is being performed;
Maritime cargo handling services means activities exercised by stevedore companies, including terminal operators, but not including the direct activities of dockers, when this workforce is organised independently of the stevedoring or terminal operator companies. The activities covered include the organisation and supervision of:
passenger ship means a ship which carries more than 12 passengers;
Training provider means a person who provides training for members of the school workforce within the meaning of Part 3 of the Education Act 2005 (see section
Cultivation site means a location where cannabis is planted, grown, harvested, dried, cured, graded, or trimmed, or a location where any combination of those activities occurs.
model aircraft means an aircraft which weighs not more than 7 kilograms without its fuel;
Payload means all property to be flown or used on or in a Launch Vehicle or the ISS.
Airframe means (a) the Boeing [Model] (generic model [Generic Model]) aircraft (except (i) the Engines or engines from time to time installed thereon and any and all Parts related to such Engine or engines and (ii) Excluded Equipment) specified on Annex A to the Indenture Supplement originally executed and delivered under the Indenture and (b) any and all related Parts. The term “Airframe” includes any Replacement Airframe that is substituted for the Airframe pursuant to Section 7.05 of the Indenture. At such time as any Replacement Airframe is so substituted and the Airframe for which such substitution is made is released from the Lien of the Indenture, such replaced Airframe shall cease to be an Airframe under the Indenture.
Airline means any air transport enterprise offering or operating an international air service.
Vessel means every description of vessel, however propelled or moved, and includes a non- displacement craft, a personal watercraft, a seaplane on the surface of the water, a hydrofoil vessel, a hovercraft or any other amphibious vehicle and any other thing constructed or adapted for movement through, in, on or over water and which is at the time in, on or over water;
Installation Site means the specific Customer location where the Software is installed.
Boeing means The Boeing Company.
Engine Manufacturer means CFM International, Inc.