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Aircraft Description. The Option Aircraft are described by the Detail Specification listed in the Attachment.
Aircraft Description. Exhibit: Exhibit B to the Lease.
Aircraft Description. One (l) 1991 Airship Industries Series 500HL Skyship Registration Number N501LP, Manufacturer's Serial Number 1214-04 AIRSHIP INTERNATIONAL LTD. Airship International Skyship Statistics Dimensions: Length 194 feet Height 67 feet Width 63 feet Volume 235,400 cubic feet Lifting Gas Helium (non-flammable) Maximum Passenger Capacity: Six, plus captain and co-pilot Perfortmance: Cruising Speed 35 mph Maximum Speed 62 mph Two Porsche 930 Engines 225 hp each Cruising Altitude 1,000 to 3,000 feet Maximum Altitude 10,000 feet Range 300 miles Gondola Dimensions: Length 38.3 feet Width 8.4 feet Headroom 6.3 feet Envelope Fabric: Polyurethane-coated Polyester Synthetic NightSign'tm': Height of Sign 29 feet Length of Sign 118 feet Readability 1 mile Colors Blue, Green, Red, Yellow AIRSHIP INTERNATIONAL LTD. 0000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx . Xxxxx 000 . Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000, Telephone: (000) 000-0000 . Telefax (000) 000-0000 SCHEDULE 1.01 TO CREDIT AGREEMENT N 501 LP AT 8276.7 HOURS DATE 11/27/95 COMPONENT NAME S\N POSITION REMOVE HRS RUN REMAIN 1 ENGINE 09D1033 PORT 8569.1 957.6 292.4 2 ENGINE 09D1031 STRB 8632.8 893.9 356.1 3 PROP PITCH ACTVATOR 01R PORT 8915.8 360.9 639.1 4 PROP PITCH ACTUATOR 176 STRB 9253.9 22.8 977.2 5 GENERATOR H098906.0 PORT 8940.2 86.5 663.5 6 GENERATOR A3088.12 STRB 8399.3 516.4 122.6 7 FUEL PUMP 134 M\PORT 8493.3 583.4 216.6 8 FUEL PUMP RAV012 H\STRB 8900.2 176.5 623.5 9 FUEL PUMP ELRA402 AUX PORT 8560.3 516.4 283.6 10 FUEL PUMP ELRA543 AUX STRB 8560.3 516.4 283.6 11 PROPELLER V-173 PORT 9193.3 583.4 916.6 12 PROPELLER V-201 STRB 9193.3 583.4 916.6 13 G\BOX AAN0636 PORT 9193.3 583.4 916.6 14 G\BOX ABP7068 STRB 9193.3 583.4 916.6 15 VECT G\BOX BAT0001/R PORT 9078.5 1198.2 801.8 16 VECT G\BOX 0029/R STRB 9078.5 1198.2 801.8 17 VECT MOTOR 101530 PORT 8296.9 979.8 20.2 18 VECT MOTOR 103201 STRB 8382.8 893.9 106.1 19 LIQUID SPRING JES/ACC/16/57 8965.3 311.4 688.6 20 IGN BOX 1032 PORT 8486.3 790.4 209.6 21 IGH BOX 1060 STRB 8572.7 704.0 296 22 BAL FAN RELAY N\A PORT MAY 2,1997 5760.9 N\A 23 BAL FAN RELAY STRB MAY 2,1997 576O.9 N\A 24 NOSE PROBE KA3 MAR 15, 97 1198.2 N\A 25 ENG FIRE EXTINGUISH 11974A1 PORT JULY 24,00 311.4 N\A 26 ENG FIRE EXTINGUISH 09973A1 STRB AUG 19, 96 6797.5 N\A 27 LIFEJACKETS N\A NOV 12, 96 22.8 N\A 28 CABIN FIRE EXTINGUISH N\A MAR 20, 96 311.4 N\A 29 BATT CAP CHECK X00000000 FEB 11, 96 22.8 N\A 30 SPARK PLUGS PORT 8421.1 105.6 144.4 31 SPARK PLUGS N\A STRB 8421.1 105.6 144.4 32 XXX KEV CABLE N\A PORT 9078.5 1198.2 801.8 33 XXX KEV CABL...

Examples of Aircraft Description in a sentence

  • A properly executed DCNR, Bureau of Forestry Aircraft Description & Approval Form, or OAS 64a Interagency Airplane Pilot Evaluation Application Form for each aircraft or equivalent.

  • Aircraft Description - The Contractor must complete and submit with the Bid Response a list of all spray aircraft and backup spray aircraft as specified on attachment A.

  • The contractor shall comply with completion of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry Pilot Application & Approval Form, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry Aircraft Description & Approval Form.

  • The Contractor must complete and submit an Aircraft Description Form for each spray aircraft, alternate spray aircraft, and auxiliary aircraft slated for use on the contract with their bid submission as specified in Section V.7.For any renewal terms executed, the Contractor must submit an Aircraft Description Form for each spray aircraft, alternate spray aircraft, and auxiliary aircraft to the Program Supervisor prior to March 15 of the applicable project year.

  • Aircraft Description and Changes 1.1 Aircraft Description: The Option Aircraft are described by the Detail Specification listed in the Attachment.

  • Customer and Boeing hereby agree to complete the configuration of the Aircraft no later than [*], using the then current Model 787 Aircraft Description and Selections Document (Final Configuration).

  • There would need to be legislation to set up a funding structure to support the system of compensation.

  • Shadowing the DoctorsMy analysis is based on a year of ethnographic fieldwork conducted 2016-2017 in Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, research aimed at understanding how various configurations of private practice impact on publicly provided maternality care in this city.22 Novi Sad was chosen as the primary research site because, as in the majority of cities in Serbia, it has only one public medi- cal institution in which women can give birth.

  • AIRCRAFT DESCRIPTION FORM Aircraft Description Form This form is to be used to identify individual aircraft to be used on specific Projects.

  • The Contractor must complete and submit to the Program Supervisor an Aircraft Description Form for each spray aircraft, alternate spray aircraft, and auxiliary aircraft slated for use on the contract by March 15 of the current project year as specified in Section 3.2.

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Aircraft Description. One (1) used Boeing 727-2D4 airframe bearing the Manufacturer's Serial Number 21850 and U.S. Registration Number N288FE (formerly N362PA) together with three (3) Xxxxx & Xxxxxxx JT8D-15A aircraft engines installed thereon bearing Engine Manufacturer's Serial Numbers 700-267, 700-360 and 708-902 together with all parts, components, equipment and accessories used in connection with the Airframes and Engines.
Aircraft Description. EXHIBIT: Exhibit A to the Lease.

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  • Project Description means the document that describes the Project's Reduction activities and that uses either the VCS Project Description Template or the project description template specified by the relevant Approved GHG Program;

  • Product Description means the description of each Hospitality Package, or series of Hospitality Packages which are the subject of any Confirmation of Purchase.

  • Service Description means pre-defined descriptions of services found at current as of the effective date of the Order Form which in conjunction with a Scope Document (if any) defines the Services to be provided and becomes part of the Order Form.



  • Purchase description means the words used in a solicitation to describe the materials, services or construction for purchase and includes specifications attached to, or made a part of, the solicitation.

  • Service Descriptions means user manuals and other documentation relating to the Services that are made available to Customer by Provider in digital or hardcopy form, as updated from time to time.

  • aircraft engines means aircraft engines (other than those used in military, customs or police services) powered by jet propulsion or turbine or piston technology and:

  • Legal Description means a complete description of land to be annexed without internal references to any other document, and shall be described in one of the following ways:

  • Specification Schedule means the Schedule containing details of the Specification.

  • Service or Element Description Recurring Charges:

  • Aircraft Documentation means all (a) log books, Aircraft records, manuals and other documents provided to LESSEE in connection with the Aircraft, (b) documents listed in Exhibits E and K and (c) any other documents required to be maintained during the Lease Term by the Aviation Authority, LESSEE's Maintenance Program and this Lease.

  • technical specification means, with respect to any Software, the document setting forth the technical specifications for such Software and included in the Statement of Work.

  • diagram means a diagram as defined in the Land Survey Act, 1997 (Act No. 8 of 1997);

  • Job description means a written specification of the function of a position, duties and responsibilities, the extent and limits of authority, and work relationships within and outside the school and school district.

  • Order Schedule means an MSC Order Schedule (or other order document) agreed to by Customer and MSC, and which incorporates this Agreement, by reference or otherwise, and sets forth, among other things, the Software, Maintenance and/or Services ordered.

  • engine type means a category of engines which do not differ in essential engine characteristics.

  • Summary Plan Description or "SPD" means the Flexible Benefits Plan SPD and all appendices incorporated into and made a part of the SPD that is adopted by the Employer and attached to this Plan Document as Attachment I, as amended from time to time. The SPD and appendices are incorporated hereto by reference.

  • Aircraft Protocol means the official English language text of the Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment, adopted on November 16, 2001, at a diplomatic conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and all amendments, supplements, and revisions thereto (and from and after the effective date of the Cape Town Treaty in the relevant country, means when referring to the Aircraft Protocol with respect to that country, the Aircraft Protocol as in effect in such country, unless otherwise indicated).

  • Construction Schedule means a construction schedule indicating the planned start and completion dates of the major activities of the Work as set out in Appendix [ ], a future Appendix;

  • Unmanned aircraft system means an unmanned aircraft and associated elements, including communication links and components that control the unmanned aircraft that are required for the pilot in command to operate safely and efficiently in the national airspace system.

  • Technical Specifications means the technical specifications set forth in Schedule 1 to the Agreement and to which, the STBs, CAS and SMS must comply with.

  • Configuration means State-specific changes made to the Software without Source Code or structural data model changes occurring.

  • Work Schedule means the approved order and timeline for how the requirements of this contract, including Work on individual Units or groups of Units, will be fulfilled by the Contractor.

  • Table 1 means Table 1 of the Reporting ITS.

  • Contract Schedule The list (as such list may be amended from time to time) identifying each Contract constituting part of the corpus of the Trust Fund as of the Cut-off Date, and which (a) identifies each Contract as either a Fixed Rate Contract or Adjustable Rate Contract and by contract number and name and address of the Obligor and (b) sets forth as to each Contract (i) the unpaid principal balance as of the related Transfer Date determined by giving effect to payments received prior to the related Transfer Date, (ii) the amount of each scheduled payment due from the Obligor, and (iii) the APR.