Definition of Additional Land

Additional Land means the land shown coloured green on Plan 1;
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Additional Land means, collectively, the real property and fixtures represented as of the Document Closing Date by the following Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 162-16-510-019, 162-16-510-020, 162-16-510-023, 162-16-510-026, 162-16-510-027, 162-16-610-020, 162-16-610-023, 162-16-610-024, 162-16-610-025, 162-16-610-026, 162-16-610-027 and 162-16-610-031.
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Examples of Additional Land in a sentence

The real property described in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof (the "Land"); (b) Additional Land.
Tenant shall not make alterations and additions to the Premises (including, without limitation, the Additional Land Areas as that term is defined in Section 8.27 below) except in accordance with plans and specifications therefor first approved by Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
The Additional Land will be bound by the obligations in due course by virtue of the provisions in relation to the Deed of Adherence contained herein.
This committee performed a new needs assessment and its recommendations form the basis for some of the scoring process, most notably the "Additional Land Assets" found in the Conservation and Recreation Lands Scoring System on page 20 of this workbook.
All references in the Deed of Trust to the Mortgaged Property shall include the Additional Land (as hereinabove defined).