Definition of Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance means altering existing functionality in response to business driven changes, for example in processes, decision rules or algorithms.

Adaptive Maintenance means performing technical testing to determine whether performance of the hCentive Solution has been affected by security system or policy changes, Major Releases, Minor Releases, upgrades to existing or new operating system or third party software in the 93 hosting environment, new or changed equipment, and to confirm that the hCentive Solution is operating in accordance with all Requirements and meeting all Service Levels.

Examples of Adaptive Maintenance in a sentence

Application Maintenance and Operation Services Adaptive Maintenance 1.001 Coordinate performance testing with Third Party Vendors to determine whether performance of the Managed Applications has been affected by new upgrades to existing operating system, third party software Releases, or new or changed equipment as required for Contractor to perform the Services.
Adaptive Maintenance Reports and Adaptive System Enhancement Reports f.
All incidents that occur as part of ongoing operations must be addressed and resolved within a reasonable time frame as per the SLAs. Adaptive Maintenance – All changes and fixes will be implemented based on a mutually agreed upon schedule.
FFP for Adaptive Maintenance for a period of five (5) years starting two (2) months prior to Phase 1 go-live, plus two (2) two-year Optional Extension Periods.
X Adaptive Maintenance Perform adaptive maintenance for the Managed Applications, including identifying, developing, testing and implementing modifications to the Managed Applications to maintain usability.