Actually Received definition

Actually Received means that the content of notice or communication reached to the legal address or residence or the range of designated communication address of notified Party.
Actually Received with respect to an item at a given time, means that liability on the item has been discharged as of such time by the actual receipt of payment or by offset. For the avoidance of doubt, the amount of liability that is Actually Received is measured by the amount of consideration given for discharging the liability, not by the carrying value of the liability before discharge.
Actually Received has the following meaning: an Income Tax benefit shall be treated as Actually Received by any Person at the time at which and to the extent that (i) a cash payment is received from the appropriate taxing authority in respect of such Income Tax benefit or (ii) the amount of Income Taxes payable by such Person is reduced below the amount of Income Taxes that such Person would be required to pay but for such incremental Income Tax benefit.

Examples of Actually Received in a sentence

  • Nicolas Tinoco-Medina5OCAHO806(1995)Deemed Filed on Date Actually Received by OCAHO Salim J.

  • In addition, any interest that would be receivable by a party pursuant to the first sentence of this section but is not actually received in cash shall be treated as Actually Received when it reduces the amount that otherwise would be payable in cash or by way of offset to a taxing authority.


  • Table 1Summary of Entitlements and Flows Actually Received by Canada and U.S. in acre feet (1950-2002)Note: Does not include winter flows for the Milk River and Eastern Tributaries which flow undiminished to the U.S. St. Mary RiverMilk RiverLodge CreekBattle CreekFrenchman River While apportionment is currently carried out ona daily basis, it is effectively carried out on a 15-day basis due to the computational procedures.

  • Child Support Awards Among Custodial Mothers, by Race and Ethnicity(Pooled Data) Percent with Child Support Orders Percent Who Actually Received Some Child SupportWhite66%A special OCSE study that examined the CSE program with respect to minority families by analyzing pooled Census Bureau data from 1994 through 2002 found that, among custodial mothers, 51% of AIAN mothers had child support orders, compared with 66% of white mothers, 46% of Asian mothers, 43% of black mothers, and 42% of Hispanic mothers.

  • The aggregate amount of all Losses for which Buyer shall be liable pursuant to Section 8.03(a) shall not exceed the Actually Received Consideration.

  • The aggregate amount of all Losses for which Seller shall be liable pursuant to Section 8.02 (including for breaches of Fundamental Representations) shall not exceed the Actually Received Consideration.

  • Child Support Payments Due and Actually Received, by Gender 1997 (People 15 years and older with own children under 21 years of age present from an absent parent as of spring 1998)" Revised October 13, 2000; <> We examined how the various factors discussed in previous sections interact with each other in being able to predict a non-custodial parents compliance with their support order.

  • In the case of claims for indemnification relating to the Company Fundamental Reps, the total amount of indemnification payments that a Stockholder Indemnitor can be required to make to the Parent Indemnitees pursuant to this Article 5 shall be limited to Merger Consideration Actually Received by such Stockholder Indemnitor (which shall include its Pro Rata Portion of any remaining Escrow Amounts at the time of such claim).

  • The Method of Delivery of Certificates Representing Shares, the Letter of Transmittal and All Other Required Documents, Including Delivery Through the Book-Entry Transfer Facility, is at Your Option and Risk and the Delivery Will Be Deemed Made Only When Actually Received by the Depositary.

More Definitions of Actually Received

Actually Received has the following meaning: a Tax Benefit shall be treated as Actually Received by any Person from a Tax Item in a Taxable Period only if and to the extent that (i) a cash payment is received from the appropriate Governmental Authority in respect of such Tax Item or (ii) the Tax liability of the Group or Group Member, as the case may be, for such Taxable Period, after taking into account the effect of the Tax Item on the Tax liability of such Group or Group Member in the current Taxable Period is less than it would have been if such Tax liability were determined without regard to such Tax Item (but taking into account all other Tax Items of such Group or Group Member other than Tax Items relating to carrybacks from later Taxable Periods), but, in each of clause (i) and (ii) of this definition, taking account the computational principles set forth in Section 2.3(d)(iii)(Closing Period Carryback Refund and Closing Period Carryforward Payment Computational Principles).
Actually Received shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.22(e).
Actually Received means the sum of money received by the borrower from the lender that can be used by the borrower without any restrictions on its use imposed by the lender; (“effectivement reçue”)

Related to Actually Received

  • Actually Realized or “Actually Realizes” means, for purposes of determining the timing of the incurrence of any Tax Liability or the realization of a Refund (or any related Tax cost or Tax Benefit), whether by receipt or as a credit or other offset to Taxes otherwise payable, by a Person in respect of any payment, transaction, occurrence or event, the time at which the amount of cash Taxes paid (or Refund realized) by such Person is increased above (or reduced below) the amount of cash Taxes that such Person would have been required to pay (or Refund that such Person would have realized) but for such payment, transaction, occurrence or event.

  • Substantially relates means the nature of criminal conduct for which the person was convicted has a direct bearing on the fitness or ability to perform one or more of the duties or responsibilities necessarily related to the occupation; and

  • Federally related transaction means any real estate-related financial transaction which a federal financial institutions regulatory agency or the Resolution Trust Corporation engages in, contracts for, or regulates, and which requires the services of an appraiser.

  • Excluded Insurance Proceeds means any proceeds of an insurance claim which the Borrower notifies the Agent are, or are to be, applied:

  • Received means actual delivery to FSA and its Fiscal Agent, if any, prior to 12:00 noon, New York City time, on a Business Day; delivery either on a day that is not a Business Day or after 12:00 noon, New York City time, shall be deemed to be Receipt on the next succeeding Business Day and (ii) “Business Day” means any day other than (A) a Saturday or Sunday or (B) a day on which FSA or banking institutions in the City of New York, New York, or the city in which the Corporate Trust Office of the Trustee is located, are authorized or obligated by law or executive order to be closed. If any notice or certificate given under the FSA Policy by the Trustee is not in proper form or is not properly completed, executed or delivered, it shall be deemed not to have been Received. FSA or its Fiscal Agent, if any, shall promptly so advise the Trustee and the Trustee may submit an amended notice.

  • Proceeds all “proceeds” as such term is defined in Section 9-102(a)(64) of the New York UCC and, in any event, shall include, without limitation, all dividends or other income from the Investment Property, collections thereon or distributions or payments with respect thereto.

  • Liquidation Proceeds Cash received in connection with the liquidation of a defaulted Mortgage Loan, whether through the sale or assignment of such Mortgage Loan, trustee’s sale, foreclosure sale or otherwise, or the sale of the related REO Property, if the Mortgaged Property is acquired in satisfaction of the Mortgage Loan.

  • Commercially Reasonable means sound and prudent practices in a manner commercially reasonable for an onshore Product gathering system operator and in a manner consistent with industry standards at the applicable point in time.

  • Investment Proceeds means, with respect to any Determination Date, all interest and other investment earnings accumulated for the immediately preceding Collection Period (net of losses and investment expenses) on funds on deposit in the Excess Funding Account, together with an amount equal to the Series 2002-CC Allocation Percentage of the interest and other investment earnings (net of losses and investment expenses) on funds held in the Collection Account credited to the Collection Account pursuant to Section 4.02 of the Agreement.

  • Principal Proceeds With respect to any Collection Period or Determination Date, all amounts received by the Issuer during the related Collection Period that do not constitute Interest Proceeds and any other amounts that have been designated as Principal Proceeds pursuant to the terms of this Indenture.

  • Extraordinary Receipt means any cash received by or paid to or for the account of any Person not in the ordinary course of business, including tax refunds, pension plan reversions, proceeds of insurance (other than proceeds of business interruption insurance to the extent such proceeds constitute compensation for lost earnings), condemnation awards (and payments in lieu thereof), indemnity payments and any purchase price adjustments.

  • Net Liquidation Proceeds With respect to any Liquidated Mortgage Loan or any other disposition of related Mortgaged Property (including REO Property) the related Liquidation Proceeds net of Advances, Servicing Advances, Servicing Fees and any other accrued and unpaid servicing fees received and retained in connection with the liquidation of such Mortgage Loan or Mortgaged Property.

  • Disposition Proceeds means, with respect to each Group I/II Non-Program Vehicle, the net proceeds from the sale or disposition of such Group I/II Eligible Vehicle to any Person (other than any portion of such proceeds payable by the Group I/II Lessee thereof pursuant to any Group I/II Lease).

  • Qualified Proceeds means assets that are used or useful in, or Capital Stock of any Person engaged in, a Similar Business; provided that the fair market value of any such assets or Capital Stock shall be determined by the Issuer in good faith.

  • Dividends Paid in the Ordinary Course means cash dividends declared payable on the Common Shares in any fiscal year of the Corporation to the extent that such cash dividends do not exceed, in the aggregate, the greatest of: (i) 200% of the aggregate amount of cash dividends declared payable by the Corporation on the outstanding Common Shares in its immediately preceding fiscal year; (ii) 300% of the arithmetic mean of the aggregate amounts of cash dividends declared payable by the Corporation on the outstanding Common Shares in its three immediately preceding fiscal years; and (iii) 100% of the aggregate consolidated net income of the Corporation, before extraordinary items, for its immediately preceding fiscal year.

  • Equity Issuance Proceeds means, with respect to any Equity Issuance, all cash and cash equivalent investments received by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries from such Equity Issuance after payment of, or provision for, all underwriter fees and expenses, SEC and blue sky fees, printing costs, fees and expenses of accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors, brokerage commissions and other out-of-pocket fees and expenses actually incurred in connection with such Equity Issuance.

  • Net Proceeds Amount means, with respect to any Transfer of any property by any Person, an amount equal to the difference of

  • Net Proceeds means the aggregate cash proceeds received by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries in respect of any Asset Sale (including, without limitation, any cash received upon the sale or other disposition of any non-cash consideration received in any Asset Sale), net of the direct costs relating to such Asset Sale, including, without limitation, legal, accounting and investment banking fees, and sales commissions, and any relocation expenses incurred as a result of the Asset Sale, taxes paid or payable as a result of the Asset Sale, in each case, after taking into account any available tax credits or deductions and any tax sharing arrangements, and amounts required to be applied to the repayment of Indebtedness, other than Indebtedness under a Credit Facility, secured by a Lien on the asset or assets that were the subject of such Asset Sale and any reserve for adjustment in respect of the sale price of such asset or assets established in accordance with GAAP.

  • Noncash proceeds means proceeds other than cash proceeds.

  • Purchase Proceeds means any cash amounts received by the Master Servicer in connection with: (i) the repurchase of a Mortgage Loan or an REO Mortgage Loan by a Seller pursuant to Section 2.3, (ii) the purchase of the Mortgage Loans and REO Properties by the Holders of the Controlling Class, the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Holders of the Class R Certificates or any other applicable Person pursuant to Section 11.1(b), (iii) the purchase of an A Note by a holder of the related B Note in accordance with the terms of the related Intercreditor Agreement or (iv) the purchase of a Mortgage Loan by a holder of a mezzanine loan under the related mezzanine intercreditor agreement.

  • Sale Proceeds means the net proceeds from the sale and/or realisation of the Charged Assets (excluding any Charged Assets which comprise cash) by the Realisation Agent in accordance with the Conditions (after deduction therefrom by the Realisation Agent of its usual fees and any costs and expenses incurred in connection with the sale of such Charged Assets). 7. Additional Provisions:

  • Insurance Proceeds With respect to each Mortgage Loan, proceeds of insurance policies insuring the Mortgage Loan or the related Mortgaged Property.

  • Permitted Cure Securities means any equity securities of the Borrower, Holdings or any Parent Entity issued pursuant to the Cure Right other than Disqualified Stock.

  • Family income means all income that is included in a determination of family income under section 143(f) of the internal revenue code, 26 USC 143(f), together with the income of all adults who will reside in the residence, which income might otherwise be excluded from consideration because the individual was not expected to both live in the residence and be primarily or secondarily liable on the mortgage note.

  • Substantially Responsive Bid means the bid that contains no material differences or deviations from, or reservations to, the terms, conditions and specifications given in the bidding documents;

  • Family relationship means a relationship between a person and another person within the third degree by consanguinity or the second degree by affinity, as those terms are defined by Subchapter B, Chapter 573, Texas Government Code.