ACI definition

ACI means the American Concrete Institute.

Examples of ACI in a sentence

  • If an inmate needs to obtain a HSE and a slot is not available, the inmate may be assigned to ACI on a provisional basis and staff shall make every attempt to ensure the inmate has the opportunity to earn his/her HSE.

  • Private sector vocational training and ACI owned and operated shops may have yearly special recognition/luncheon meetings with prior approval by the facility Warden and ACI management.

  • Inmates assigned to Wildland Fire Crews or other vocational trade agreement based assignments (e.g., ACI or IGAs) with specific requirements are exempt from this section and may work in excess of 40 hours per week.

  • When satisfied that the provisions of this Department Order and contract requirements would be met, the Warden or ACI representatives shall request the approved template from the Chief Procurement Officer or designee, input the unique program details and send to the Chief Procurement Officer or designee for review.

  • Criminal Aliens are not eligible for ACI private partner (sector) assignments, but may be assigned to ACI’s “owned and operated” assignments.

More Definitions of ACI

ACI has the meaning assigned to that term in the introduction to this Agreement.
ACI means the American Concrete Institute that complies with the latest edition of standards including amendments and supplements in effect on the date of issue of this Bid Opportunity shall apply to the Work.
ACI has the meaning ascribed to it in the forepart of this Agreement.
ACI means Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.;
ACI or the “Company” means AutoCanada Inc., a corporation incorporated under the CBCA;