Definition of ACCC Conductor

ACCC Conductor means stranded ACCC Core, including without limitation, all CTC proprietary and public domain conductor and cable configurations and alloys compatible with ACCC Core.

Examples of ACCC Conductor in a sentence

Distributor will use due diligence to install ACCC Conductor in accordance with CTC’s specifications and operating conditions.
Any ACCC Accessories sold in conjunction with the Sale of Products must either (i) be produced by a manufacturer duly licensed by CTC (splices and dead ends), or (ii) have been approved by CTC for use in conjunction with ACCC Conductor (other accessories).
Where CTC has reasonable cause and has obtained written consent from Distributor, CTC shall have access to all ACCC Conductor sites within the Territory and reserves the right to audit such sites at its option.
The revenue decline in China was attributable to continued lower spending in China for the types of low-voltage installations where ACCC Conductor has historically been installed.
CTC Cable ACCC Conductor Distribution AgreementExhibit DStandard Payment TermsStandard payment terms shall be as follows:ACCC Conductor and ACCC Accessories Order Placement [ ***] of the total order value for ACCC Conductor and Accessories down payment by wire transfer to CTC account.