Definition of AA Quality

AA Quality means the shell must be clean, unbroken and practically normal. The air cell must not exceed one-eighth inch (3.2mm) in depth, may show unlimited movement, and may be free of bubbly. The white must be clear and firm, so that the yolk is only slightly defined when the egg is twirled before the candling light. The yolk must be practically free from apparent defects.

Examples of AA Quality in a sentence

Mann conspired with the owners of a Title I home im- provement contracting company, John McGrath and Alex McGrath, doing business as AA Quality Construction, and others in the loan fraud scheme.
For Grade AA—No individual case may exceed ten percent (10%) less AA Quality eggs than the minimum permitted for the lot average.
Jim Douglas Kinser, a former home improvement salesperson for BCM Builders and AA Quality Construction, pled guilty to mail fraud.
AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE Poultry Programs SUMMARY OF U.S. STANDARDS FOR QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL SHELL EGGS Specifications for Each Quality Factor Quality Factor AA Quality A Quality B Quality Shell Clean.
The Quality Assurance Manual states suppliers have a: rich source of manufacturing experience, technical ability, and development ingenuity…Auto Air… welcomes constructive suggestions and actively encourages their participation in the design and development through the tools of Quality Function Deployment and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (AA Quality Department 1992).