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A Joint. Education Leave Committee of three representatives each from the Department of Education and the Association will be established to:
A Joint venture company as referred in Clause 2. 1.1.6 "Directors" means each or all of the Members of the Board as the context may require 1.1.7 "Holding Company" has the same meaning as set out in Section 5 of the Companies Act (Chapter 50) 1.1.8 "Parties" means the Shareholders and "Party" refers to any shareholder as the case may be 1.1.9 "Persons" means a firm, company or other a body of persons 1.1.10 "Shareholders" means TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc and ZERA Investments Pte. Ltd. 1.1.11 "Shares" means ordinaxx xhare of One Singapore Dollar only each in the capital of the Company 1.1.12 "Subsidiary" has the same meaning as set out in the Companies Act (Chapter 50)
A Joint invention has arisen (collectively referred to as "Invention") entitled, *******; and to Regents' Patent Rights, as hereinafter defined, and which are directed to the Invention.

Examples of A Joint in a sentence

  • Exhibit A Joint Filing Agreement Exhibit B Limited Powers of Attorney for Section 13 Reporting Obligations Exhibit C Item 7 Identification and Classification of Subsidiaries SIGNATURE After reasonable inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify that the information set forth in this statement is true, complete and correct.

  • A Joint Venture will qualify for the B-BBEE status level as a legal entity, provided that the legal entity submits their B-BBEE status level certificate.

  • A Joint Committee is hereby established in which each Party shall be represented.

  • A Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, tasked with recommending a targeted deficit reduction of at least $1.2 trillion for the years 2013 through 2021, was unable to reach required goals, thereby triggering the legislation’s automatic reduction to several government programs.

  • A Joint Venture Company is a company as defined/understood under the Companies Act 2013.

  • A Joint Venture of SAIL & DVC) Hall No: - M-01, Old Administrative Building, Ispat Bhavan, Bokaro Steel City – 827001Reg.

  • A Joint Venture/Consortium must be registered on the Central Suppliers Database at the time of submitting the bid.

  • A Joint Venture may or may not have the legal personality distinct from its members.

  • A Joint Committee with equal number of representative (those not directly involved in the day-to-day business operations of either party at the Facility) from CWC and M/s………………………………………the (Name of the ABC)shall be constituted for the administration of agreement.

  • A "Joint Batch" is the combination of two or more quantities of petroleum product commingled by the carrier at the request of the participating shippers.

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  • Company Joint Venture means, with respect to the Company, any Person in which the Company, directly or indirectly, owns an equity interest that does not have voting power under ordinary circumstances to elect a majority of the board of directors or other Person performing similar functions but in which the Company has rights with respect to the management of such Person.

  • Subsidiary Joinder Agreement means a Subsidiary Joinder Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit D executed and delivered by a Domestic Subsidiary that, pursuant to Section 6.13(a), is required to become a “Guarantor” hereunder and a “Securing Party” under the Security Agreement in favor of the Administrative Agent.

  • Lender Joinder Agreement means a joinder agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent delivered in connection with Section 5.13.

  • Borrower Joinder Agreement means a Borrower Joinder Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit B-1.

  • Guaranty Joinder Agreement means each Guaranty Joinder Agreement, substantially in the form thereof attached to the Guaranty, executed and delivered by a Restricted Subsidiary to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 6.12.

  • Permitted Joint Venture means, with respect to any specified Person, a joint venture in any other Person engaged in a Similar Business in respect of which the Issuer or a Restricted Subsidiary beneficially owns at least 35% of the shares of Equity Interests of such Person.

  • Security Joinder Agreement means each Security Joinder Agreement, substantially in the form thereof attached to the Security Agreement, executed and delivered by a Guarantor or any other Person to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 6.12 or otherwise.

  • Guarantor Joinder Agreement means a guarantor joinder agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit 7.14 delivered by a Domestic Subsidiary of the Borrower pursuant to Section 7.14.

  • consortium or joint venture means an association of persons for the purpose of combining their expertise, property, capital, efforts, skill and knowledge in an activity for the execution of a contract;

  • Eligible joint venture means an association of one or more small business enterprises in combination with one or more veteran-owned business enterprises, proposing to perform as a single for-profit business enterprise, in which each joint venture partner contributes property, capital, efforts, skill and knowledge. Joint ventures must have an agreement in writing specifying the terms and conditions of the relationship between the partners and their respective roles in the contract.

  • Permitted Joint Ventures means a corporation, partnership or other entity (other than a Subsidiary) engaged in one or more Permitted Businesses in respect of which the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary (a) beneficially owns at least 5% of the shares of Capital Stock of such entity and (b) either is a party to an agreement empowering one or more parties to such agreement (which may or may not be the Company or a Subsidiary), or is a member of a group that, pursuant to the constituent documents of the applicable corporation, partnership or other entity, has the power to direct the policies, management and affairs of such entity.

  • Guarantor Joinder means a joinder by a Person as a Guarantor under the Loan Documents in the form of Exhibit 1.1(G)(1).

  • User Documentation means explanatory and informational materials concerning the Company products, in printed or electronic format, which the Company or any Subsidiary has released for distribution to end users with such Company products, which may include manuals, descriptions, user and/or installation instructions, diagrams, printouts, listings, flow-charts and training materials, contained on visual media such as paper or photographic film, or on other physical storage media in machine readable form.

  • Closing Checklist means the schedule, including all appendices, exhibits or schedules thereto, listing certain documents and information to be delivered in connection with the Agreement, the other Loan Documents and the transactions contemplated thereunder, substantially in the form attached hereto as Annex D.

  • Joinder Supplement means an agreement among the Borrower, a Lender, its Lender Agent and the Administrative Agent in the form of Exhibit E to this Agreement (appropriately completed) delivered in connection with a Person becoming a Lender hereunder after the Closing Date.

  • Increase Joinder shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.19(c).

  • Counterpart Agreement means a Counterpart Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit H delivered by a Credit Party pursuant to Section 5.10.

  • Addendum Agreement is defined in Section 8.2.

  • Patent Assignment each patent collateral assignment agreement pursuant to which an Obligor assigns to Agent, for the benefit of Secured Parties, such Obligor’s interests in its patents, as security for the Obligations.

  • Assignment / job means the work to be performed by the Consultant pursuant to the Contract.

  • Exhibit 2 Standard File Codes – Delinquency Reporting, Continued The FNMA Delinquent Reason Code field should show the Reason for Delinquency as follows: Delinquency Code Delinquency Description 001 FNMA-Death of principal mortgagor 002 FNMA-Illness of principal mortgagor 003 FNMA-Illness of mortgagor’s family member 004 FNMA-Death of mortgagor’s family member 005 FNMA-Marital difficulties 006 FNMA-Curtailment of income 007 FNMA-Excessive Obligation 008 FNMA-Abandonment of property 009 FNMA-Distant employee transfer 011 FNMA-Property problem 012 FNMA-Inability to sell property 013 FNMA-Inability to rent property 014 FNMA-Military Service 015 FNMA-Other 016 FNMA-Unemployment 017 FNMA-Business failure 019 FNMA-Casualty loss 022 FNMA-Energy environment costs 023 FNMA-Servicing problems 026 FNMA-Payment adjustment 027 FNMA-Payment dispute 029 FNMA-Transfer of ownership pending 030 FNMA-Fraud 031 FNMA-Unable to contact borrower INC FNMA-Incarceration

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFP after the release date of the RFP.

  • Intercreditor Agreement Joinder means an agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit A.

  • Contract Signature Page(s) means the State of Utah cover page(s) that the State Entity and Contractor sign.

  • Severe forms of trafficking in persons means— (1) Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age; or

  • Schedule Supplement has the meaning set forth in Section 5.3.