A Dependant definition

A Dependant of any person means anyone who is financially dependent on the Member or was so dependent at the time of that person’s death. This includes anyone who shares living expense with, or receives financial support from, the Member or other person, and whose standard of living would be affected by the loss of that person’s contribution or support. The Secretary of State’s decision as to whether someone is another person’s Dependant will be final;

Examples of A Dependant in a sentence

  • A Dependant cannot select a different Benefit Plan to that of the Principal Member.

  • C.7.6 A Dependant who is aged 18 or over may remove themselves from a Policy by notifying us in writing.

  • One day’s paid leave to be given to attend funeral of:- A Dependant (as defined in Dependants Care Leave); or A close relative.

  • A Dependant (as defined in the Scheme’s trust deed) is any person who you have nominated in writing to the Trustees (your nominated beneficiary), or any other person whom the Trustees consider was wholly or partly dependent on you.The Trustees would like to know your wishes in this regard, and ask that you nominate the person(s) that you would like to receive this benefit.

  • A Dependant of a MINDEF/SAF serviceman– The legally married spouse of the Serviceman (not separated or divorced);– The natural, legally adopted or step-child(ren) of the Serviceman; or– Parents of the Serviceman Q3: Is it compulsory for me to take up PMI?The PMI is not compulsory.

  • A Dependant of a Member who has been registered as such under the Medical Plan, subject to medical underwriting.

  • A Dependant will be considered to have satisfied the Actively at work provisions on any day if he is then able to perform all the normal activities of a typical person of the same age and sex, and is confined neither at home nor in a Hospital or any other medical facility.

  • A Dependant must be registered by the Policy Holder or a person who has been delegated Authority to do so, in the form required by the Fund.

  • A Dependant on reaching the age of 21 will automatically remain on the Policy unless the Policyholder specifically requests Southern Cross to remove them from the Policy.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, interest accrued under any such previous agreement for Conditional Access and/or Regionalisation Services shall be refunded in accordance with Clause 7.38 of Annex A of this Agreement.

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  • Dependant child means a dependant person who is aged 0–17 years of age.

  • Licensed health care practitioner means a physician, as defined in Section 1861(r)(1) of the Social Security Act, a registered professional nurse, licensed social worker or other individual who meets requirements prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

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  • Health care practitioner means an individual licensed under Iowa Code chapter 148 to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery who is a patient’s primary care provider. “Health care practitioner” shall not include a physician assistant licensed under Iowa Code chapter 148C or an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 152 or 152E.

  • Health means physical or mental health; and

  • Dependent child means a child residing in an individual’s household who may legally be claimed as a dependent on the federal income tax of such individual.

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  • Child or covered child means a child (natural, step-child, legally adopted or a minor or disabled child who is dependent on the insured for support and maintenance) who is born to or brought to a marriage or to a civil union established according to Vermont law.

  • Health care entity means any health care provider, health plan or health care clearinghouse.