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CMS Energy Corp • January 20th, 2005 • Electric & other services combined

All other real property of the Company and all interests therein, of every nature and description (except any in the Indenture expressly excepted) wherever located, in the State of Michigan, acquired by it and not heretofore described in the Indenture or any supplement thereto and not heretofore released from the lien of the Indenture. Such real property includes but is not limited to the following described property, such property is subject to any interests that were excepted or reserved in the conveyance to the Company:

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Supplemental Indenture • January 20th, 2005 • CMS Energy Corp • Electric & other services combined

This Eighteenth Supplemental Indenture, dated as of the 19th day of January, 2005 between CMS Energy Corporation, a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of Michigan (hereinafter called the “Issuer”) and having its principal office at One Energy Plaza, Jackson, Michigan 49201, and J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A., a national banking association (hereinafter called the “Trustee”) and having its Corporate Trust Office at 227 West Monroe St., 26th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606.

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