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Columbia Acorn Trust • April 29th, 2011

or by telephone at least twenty-four hours before the meeting. Notice of a meeting need not be given to any Trustee if a written waiver of notice, executed by him or her before or after the meeting, is filed with the records of the meeting, or to any Trustee who attends the meeting without protesting prior thereto or at its commencement the lack of notice to him or her. Neither notice of a meeting nor a waiver of a notice need specify the purposes of the meeting. [renumbered 9/15/92]

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May 1, 2010
Columbia Acorn Trust • April 29th, 2011

Reference is made to that certain Transfer, Dividend Disbursing and Shareholders’ Servicing Agreement dated as of May 1, 2010 (the “Agreement”) between Columbia Acorn Trust (the “Trust”) on behalf of each of its series (each a “Fund”), Columbia Management Investment Services Corp. (“CMIS”) and Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC (“Columbia Management”). Schedule B of the Agreement provides that each Fund shall pay CMIS for the services provided under the Agreement.

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