Written; Signed Sample Clauses

Written; Signed. For purposes of this Agreement, “written” and ”writingincludes a communication that is transmitted or received by electronic mail or any other electronic means permitted by applicable law, and “sign” and “signature” includes an “electronic signature” as defined by applicable law.

Related to Written; Signed

  • Authorized Persons Concurrently with the execution of this Agreement and from time to time thereafter, as appropriate, each Fund shall deliver to the Custodian, duly certified as appropriate by a Treasurer or any Deputy or Assistant Treasurer of such Fund, a certificate setting forth: (a) the names, titles, signatures and scope of authority of all persons authorized to give Proper Instructions or any other notice, request, direction, instruction, certificate or instrument on behalf of such Fund (collectively, the "Authorized Persons" and individually, an "Authorized Person"); and (b) the names, titles and signatures of those persons authorized to issue Special Instructions. Such certificate may be accepted and relied upon by the Custodian as conclusive evidence of the facts set forth therein and shall be considered to be in full force and effect until delivery to the Custodian of a similar certificate to the contrary. Upon delivery of a certificate which deletes the name(s) of a person previously authorized by a Fund to give Proper Instructions or to issue Special Instructions, such persons shall no longer be considered an Authorized Person or authorized to issue Special Instructions for that Fund.