Worker Sample Clauses

Worker. The term "Worker" as used herein shall mean any person without regard to age, race, creed, color, sex or national origin who is in the labor market.
Worker. Representatives‌ A worker health and safety representative will be designated in each workplace where there are more than nine but fewer than 20 regular employees.
Worker. In this Agreement, the term “Worker” or “
Worker any person who personally performs work for the Company or any of the Subsidiaries but who is not in business on their own account or in a client/customer relationship.
Worker. 7.20 7.00
Worker. The termWorker or Workers” as used herein, shall refer to any person in the labor market not employed.
Worker. 24 15.3 25 15.4 26 15.5 27 15.6
Worker. 7.1.1 Work in a safe and healthy manner