Willing and Able Sample Clauses

Willing and Able. Typically the mortgagor’(s) reason for default is temporary and a foreseeable solution is probable. The standard options negotiated, ranked in priority are:

Related to Willing and Able

  • SHIPPING AND AIR TRANSPORT 1. Profits of an enterprise of a Contracting State from the operation of ships or aircraft in international traffic shall be taxable only in that State.

  • Felling and Bucking Felling shall be done to minimize breakage of Included Timber and dam- age to residual timber. Unless agreed otherwise, felling shall be done by saws or shears. Bucking shall be done to permit removal of all minimum pieces set forth in A2. Purchaser may buck out cull material when necessary to produce pieces meeting Utilization Standards. Such bucked out material shall contain a minimum amount of sound wood, not in excess of the net scale in percentage of gross scale, or based on the merchantability factor, whichever is stated in A2. If necessary to assess extent of defect, Purchaser shall make sample saw cuts or wedges. B6.411 Felling in Clearings. Insofar as ground conditions, tree lean, and shape of clearings per- mit, trees shall be felled so that their tops do not extend outside Clearcutting Units, construction clearings, and ar- eas of regeneration cutting. B6.000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Stumps shall not exceed, on the side adjacent to the highest ground, the maximum heights set forth in A6, except that occasional stumps of greater heights are acceptable when Purchaser determines that they are necessary for safe and efficient conduct of logging. Unless otherwise agreed, Purchaser shall re-cut high stumps so they will not exceed heights specified in A6 and shall dispose of severed portions in the same manner as other logging debris. The xxxxx heights shown in A6 were selected with the objective of maximum reasonable utilization of the timber, unless Sale Area Map shows special areas where xxxxx heights are lower for aesthetic, land treatment, or silvicultural rea- sons.

  • Monitoring and Audit To deter unauthorized access events, a warning or no trespassing message will be displayed at the point of initial entry (i.e., network entry or applications with direct entry points). Each Party should have several approved versions of this message. Users should expect to see a warning message similar to this one: "This is a (SBC-13STATE or CLEC) system restricted to Company official business and subject to being monitored at any time. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and to any evidence of unauthorized access, use, or modification being used for criminal prosecution."

  • NMHS Governance, Safety and Quality Requirements 3.1 Participates in the maintenance of a safe work environment.

  • EMHS Governance, Safety and Quality Requirements 4.1 Participates in the maintenance of a safe work environment.

  • SMHS Governance, Safety and Quality Requirements 4.1 Participates in the maintenance of a safe work environment.

  • Closing and Possession (a) Closing shall be held within 10 days after Seller’s abstracting obligations under this Agreement have been met at Xxxxxx Cooperative, of Ames, Iowa or at such other place as may be mutually agreed upon by Seller and Buyer.

  • Outpatient emergency and urgicenter services within the service area The emergency room copay applies to all outpatient emergency visits that do not result in hospital admission within twenty-four (24) hours. The urgicenter copay is the same as the primary care clinic office visit copay.

  • Training and Orientation (a) No employee shall be required to work on any job or operate any piece of equipment until he/she has received proper training and instruction.

  • Monitoring and Compliance Every year during the term of this Agreement on the anniversary date of the effective date of the Agreement, the Restaurant shall provide to the United States a narrative report of the actions taken during the reporting period to remove any barriers to access and otherwise enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities at the Restaurant and any plans for action concerning ADA compliance in the coming year. The report shall include as an exhibit copies of any complaint, whether formal or informal, received during the reporting period alleging that the Restaurant was not being operated in compliance with the ADA or otherwise discriminated against any person on account of disability. The Owner and Operator of the Restaurant shall cooperate in good faith with any and all reasonable requests by the United States for access to the Restaurant and for information and documents concerning the Restaurant's compliance with this Agreement and the ADA. The United States shall have the right to verify compliance with this Agreement and the ADA, both as set forth in this Agreement and through any means available to the general public, including visits to the public areas of the Restaurant and communications with Restaurant staff. The United States shall have the right to inspect the facility at any time, and counsel for the United States need not identify themselves in the course of visits to the public areas.