Webinars Sample Clauses

Webinars. The Consultant shall use webinars as another tool to present TDM services to employers. The Consultant shall also explore webinars to deliver internal training for its staff and to help educate and train TDM practitioners and stakeholders across the state.
Webinars. Association will invite Edlio to host a minimum of four webinars per year and will assist in promoting Edlio-provided webinars to schools and school districts within the Territory.
Webinars. Dedicated company webinars (digital pitch presentations) - at least 4 during the campaignMonthly Digital Demo Days - participation in all during the campaign Roadshows ● Invited to all in-person pitch events during the campaign - we host 2 events a month in cities across the country ● Dedicated in-person pitch events for smaller audiences depending on interest and traction ● We promote Reg A+ companies to our close press contacts ● We provide companies with our 250 list of media contacts for company to use during the campaign Exhibit C Excluded Investors Instructions: Provide a list of up to 20 investors with whom you are currently engaged in discussions regarding the Offering. These investors will be excluded from the definition ofProspect” and therefore qualify as “Excluded Investors”. Investor Name Status of Investor Discussions Ping An & Affiliates Alibaba & Affiliates Microsoft & Affiliates Roche & Affiliates Abbott & Affiliates Siemens & Affiliates Keiretsu Capital Kanter Family Office Maryland Venture Fund (TEDCO) Fluke Capital Chris Lahiji Bold Capital Partners Malidin Capital Ted Driscoll associated fund Button Invest Cavendish Impact Capital BDB Taiwan Jinsuing Science (Korea) Directors, Officers, Employees, and Existing Investors Vendors as of 4/16/2018
Webinars. 6.1 The Client shall be responsible for all local logistics and audio-visual equipment in order for Authorised Users to access each Webinar, and for all fees and expenses associated with the foregoing.
Webinars. The Center will conduct webinars as needed to update Subscribers and receive feedback from Subscribers regarding legislative developments and TEA actions impacting school finance.
Webinars i. The Contractor will conduct webinars specifically designed for housing professionals, local governments, housing advocates, state agencies, not-for-profits public housing authorities, and community-based organizations that participate in the development of affordable housing. Instructors for webinars must be knowledgeable in the subject matter and have experience in the development of affordable housing.
Webinars. The Contractor will provide up to five webinars. Webinars can be attended by up to 500 attendees when they are delivered, and are provided to support ongoing learning for staff after they complete the introductory training. Topics will cover a range of issues, and may be helpful for all staff or may focus on issues that are specific to one type of care management provider’s situation or patient population. Webinars will be recorded and posted on Contractor’s website and the State’s online learning system for use by participants who were not able to attend the live webinar. Depending on guidance and input from the State, these topics may include:  Using data to identify people needing servicesPrinciples of person centeredness  Care coordination by phoneCoordinating care for patients with specific chronic conditions such as DM, HTN, heart disease, asthma, and HIV and mental illnesses  Navigating the insurance system  Risk stratifying patient panelsDisability awareness and competencyTrauma informed care, crisis management and suicide preventionOther topics as identified by the State and the Contractor

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Microsoft Microsoft warrants and represents that:
Curriculum The Organizer shall develop a curriculum for the Charter School as a Prior Action. The Organizer shall make a copy of the curriculum and the Accountability Plan (once developed) available for inspection at the Charter School during normal school hours and shall provide a copy in response to any telephone or mail request by any person.
Games The Private Party shall not be entitled to introduce any arcade type amusement or gaming machines into the Restaurant Facility without the prior written approval of SANParks.
Interfaces Except as agreed in writing, FDISG shall not be required to modify the Software or the Interfaces to accommodate changes made by the Fund's vendor to its portion of the interface. If the Fund's vendor needs information about the Software, then the vendor must first execute a nondisclosure agreement in form and content reasonably acceptable to FDISG. FDISG shall not be liable for any delay or degradation to the Software or Equipment attributable to the Fund's use of Interfaces.
Software Development Systems development efforts shall comply with applicable Government-wide Federal Information Processing Standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, applicable public laws, Office of Management and Budget circulars, and NRC policies and procedures. Particular attention is necessary to incorporate security features in the design of systems that process sensitive data. The format of software deliverables is specified in NRC Bulletin 0904-4. If any deliverable is provided on diskette, the diskette shall be scanned for viruses by the contractor and verified to be free of viruses before delivery to NRC. All software development, modification, or maintenance tasks shall follow general guidance provided in NUREG/BR-0167, “Software Quality Assurance Program and Guidelines.” NRC shall advise the DOE Patent Counsel with respect to any rights in the software that NRC desires under any particular project, which rights include NRC imposing restrictions on use, and distribution of the software by DOE or the Laboratory.
Rosters (1) A roster of the working hours shall be exhibited in the office of each school/college and in such other place as it may be conveniently and readily seen by each employee concerned.
Programming Each electronic voting system used is specially pro- grammed by the firm PG Elections inc. for the munici- pality in order to recognize and tally ballot papers in accordance with this agreement.
Synchronization If Nuix has granted multiple licenses to Licensee that expire in a particular quarter, Nuix may synchronize the invoicing dates for such licenses to the last day of that quarter.
Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or store DHCS PHI or PI must install and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.
Librarians The normal work week for librarians is 35 hours per week. The maximum for reference desk coverage is 20 hours per week. Individual faculty members may elect to exceed this maximum. Where librarians are involved in instructional modes listed in Article 12.03, these shall be pro-rated. For part-time regular and non-regular type 2 librarians, part of their assignment shall be scheduled as non reference desk duties as agreed upon by the librarian and the administrator responsible. Scheduling work shall follow past practices and shall be delivered in cooperation with the administrator responsible.