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Ways. Education and development measures, including courses and schooling, shall in part be designed to:
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  • Roads 16. (1) The Joint Venturers shall —

  • Sidewalks 39. Within three months of the effective date of this Agreement, the County will implement and report to the Department its written process for soliciting and receiving input from persons with disabilities regarding the accessibility of its sidewalks, including, for example, requests to add curb cuts at particular locations.

  • Routes All bus stops and bus routes will be mutually agreed upon prior to the start of the school year. Additional stops will be not be added until approved by Sarasota Military and reviewed for safety and approved by the School Board’s Transportation Department. Route changes, if approved, will require 7 calendar days from the date of request to the date of implementation. Special needs transportation requests must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to the requested date of implementation.

  • Elevators Elevators for the use of all tenants and the general public for access to and from all floors of the Building, programming of elevators (including, but not limited to, service elevators), shall be as Landlord from time to time determines best for the Building as a whole.

  • Drainage  Prevent silt bearing road surface and ditch runoff from delivering sediment to any streams or wetlands.  Maintain rolling dips and drivable waterbars as needed to keep them functioning as intended.  Maintain headwalls to the road shoulder level with material that will resist erosion.  Maintain energy dissipaters at culvert outlets with non-erodible material or rock.  Keep ditches, culverts, and other drainage structures clear of obstructions and functioning as intended.  Inspect and clean culverts at least monthly, with additional inspections during storms and periods of high runoff. This shall be done even during periods of inactivity. Preventative Maintenance  Perform preventative maintenance work to safeguard against storm damage, such as blading to ensure correct runoff, ditch and culvert cleaning, and waterbar maintenance.

  • Parking Facilities Alamo Colleges District shall make the existing parking facilities at the rented Facility available for the vehicular traffic and parking necessitated by the Organization’s Use of the rented Facility, on a non-exclusive basis, as specified at Exhibit A. MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Organization anticipates approximately the number of participants stated at Exhibit A and agrees to inform Alamo Colleges District of any significant changes five (5) business days in advance of a Use. Organization shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about the Facility. Alamo Colleges District shall notify Organization of the recommended capacity of the Facility and all decisions of Alamo Colleges District concerning questions arising under this Paragraph shall be final.

  • Parking Areas As long as Tenant is not in default under this Lease and to the extent parking is available, the Landlord agrees to provide for the use of Tenant in common with others, a parking area adjacent to the Property. The Landlord reserves the right to promulgate rules and regulations relating to the use of such parking area, including such limitations as may, in the opinion and at the discretion of the Landlord, be necessary and desirable. Tenant and Tenant’s employees shall park their cars only in those portions of the parking area designated for that purpose by the Landlord. Further, Tenant and its employees are expressly prohibited from parking in any portion of the parking area designated or marked for visitor parking only or other specially designated parking spaces. In the event that the Tenant, or any of its employees, shall park their cars in any portion of the parking area other than that portion designated for that purpose, then the Landlord shall have the right, at Landlord’s option, to charge Tenant a fee for such improperly parked car, and/or to have any such improperly parked car towed at the Tenant’s expense.

  • Scaling “Scaling,” as used herein, involves:

  • Common Areas Tenant shall have the non-exclusive right to use in common with other tenants in the Project, and subject to the Rules and Regulations referred to in Article 5 of this Lease, those portions of the Project which are provided, from time to time, for use in common by Landlord, Tenant and any other tenants of the Project (such areas, together with such other portions of the Project designated by Landlord, in its discretion, including certain areas designated for the exclusive use of certain tenants, or to be shared by Landlord and certain tenants, are collectively referred to herein as the “Common Areas”). The Common Areas shall consist of the “Project Common Areas” and the “Building Common Areas.” The term “Project Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portion of the Project designated as such by Landlord or areas within the Project that the occupants of the Building are permitted to utilize pursuant to a recorded declaration and which areas shall be maintained in accordance with the declaration. The term “Building Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portions of the Common Areas located within the Building reasonably designated as such by Landlord. The manner in which the Common Areas are maintained and operated shall be at the reasonable discretion of Landlord and the use thereof shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations as Landlord may make from time to time. Landlord reserves the right to close temporarily, make alterations or additions to, or change the location of elements of the Project and the Common Areas, provided that, in connection therewith, Landlord shall perform such closures, alterations, additions or changes in a commercially reasonable manner and, in connection therewith, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any material interference with Tenant’s use of and access to the Premises.

  • Service Areas The MCP agrees to provide services to Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) members, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) members, and Adult Extension members residing in the following service area(s): Central/Southeast Region ☒ Northeast Region ☒ West Region ☒ The ABD and MAGI categories of assistance are described in OAC rule 5160-26-02. The Adult Extension category is defined in Ohio’s Medicaid State Plan as authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MCP shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.