Volunteer Sample Clauses

Volunteer. A person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
Volunteer. Refers to any individual who enters into or offers himself/herself for a specific service, of his/her own free will, to the District. Volunteers do not receive compensation. The District shall provide the Union with a list of volunteers used on an annual basis, by December 31st of each year.
Volunteer. A person who is not a paid employee who participates in any District activity by providing their labor and services to the District free of charge. Use of volunteers on District projects must be approved by both the Division Manager and Risk Manager for liability and workers’ compensation purposes. (Resolution No. 96-03 outlines the Board’s authorization and governs of the use of volunteers.)
Volunteer. 1. Will be under the supervision, direction and control of the supervisor named above.
Volunteer. A person in a non-budgeted position who performs assigned duties without compensation. Volunteers are not covered by this agreement.
Volunteer. A volunteer shall mean an unpaid person whose role is to perform functions which enhance and complement efforts of staff toward resident/participant services and visitor/family support. Volunteers shall not be utilized in such a way as to cause any reduction of hours of any bargaining unit position, deletion of any bargaining unit position, or reduction in the current staff complement.
Volunteer a volunteer is defined as an employee who indicates her/his willingness to reduce hours to a supervisor or staffing office.
Volunteer. An officer who offers to work overtime by his/her own free will.
Volunteer. The Parties agree and acknowledge that the relationship intended by this description of expectations is NOT legally binding agreement or employment relationship.