Views Sample Clauses

Views. (a) The Buyer acknowledges that sites adjoining or in the vicinity of the Land may be developed in the future, with the result that views from the Scheme (or from part of the Building) may be interrupted, impeded or interfered with.
Views. On PSE Poles in a location that minimizes the appearance of Small Cell Facilities from existing adjacent residential structures to the maximum extent feasible. Minimizing the appearance of Small Cell Facilities to the “maximum extent feasible” shall not require the installation of a new PSE Pole or relocating the Small Cell Facility to a PSE Pole more than 100 feet away from the proposed location. The proposed original pole would minimize the appearance of Small Cell Facilities from existing adjacent residential strucutres. The propsed node would not be visible from the existing adjacent residential structure on the north (6065 78th Ave SE) due to heavy tree cover and the westerly orientation of the house. The proposed node would be partially visible from the existing residential structure on south (6220 78th Ave SE) due to the wooden fence, screen of trees and vegetation on that property, and the view shed is directly west from the existing residential structure. Finally, the proposed node would not be visible from the residential structures to the west due to the density of trees and vegetation between the node and the existing residential structures. In addition, the view shed is downhill towards the west away from the proposed node.
Views. 20.1 The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the projected view from the property may be affected by the ongoing development of the land and/or the erection of any further building/s at Clara Anna Fontein and/or on the land and/or in the vicinity of the property.
Views. If at any time any windows of the Premises shall be temporarily or permanently closed, darkened or covered for any reason whatsoever, including Licensor's own acts, Licensor shall not be liable for any compensation or damage sustained.
Views. The Company redesigned the Project to better accommodate the considerations of our neighbors – both during construction and in operation. Our original design hewed to standard Dolores County ROW setbacks of 40’, which brought the Project close to many area residences; following neighbor consultation, we have ensured that no non-participant residence – meaning a residence who is not a landowner of a Project LDA parcel – is closer than 500’ to the Project arrays. Keeping that 500’ buffer distance has required the Company to acquire other land for Project siting. The maximum height of Project modules (solar panels) is 9’ above ground level, and presents a low-profile, generally uniform reveal across its horizon from a pedestrian viewshed perspective. The Project will have one unmanned maintenance items shed, approximately 16’ tall. In the remote northeastern portion of the Project, over 2000’ feet from any residence, will be the interconnection equipment: the new Project Substation and pole-mounted gen-tie line to the existing Tri-State Cahone Substation; the interconnection equipment is anticipated to be 75-90’ tall. Owing to the distance to any residence, the interconnection equipment will have little visual impact to neighbors. COUNTY-OWNED RIGHTS-OF-WAY / TRAFFIC. During the Pre-Application Conference held on September 14, 2020, county-owned ROW integrity both during and at the end of Project construction was mentioned. Further discussion between Dolores County and the Company will be necessary during the LDA process to determine acceptable methods and the scope of impact mitigation. The Company has received proposals from professional roadway analysis consultants to determine roadway quality and from such study, formulate a method for determining Project-related impacts. The area of the Project is bisected by several Dolores County ROWs, and as stated in 6.4.4 above, will apply for eight Access Permits within the Project / ROW interface. The majority of both hauling/delivery and passenger traffic on county ROWs is anticipated to exit northbound Hwy 491 and turn west onto CR R in Cahone itself, head north on CR 14, then west on CR P, then again north on CR 15 to the Project area. An alternate route from the north will leave southbound Hwy 491 and turn west onto CR M, head south on CR 14, then west on CR M.4, then again north on CR 15 to the Project area. Please refer to Appendix item 21. From the principal staging area on CR 15, the Company’s plan is to d...
Views. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Seller makes no representation or warranty regarding any particular views from the Unit or Condominium (collectively, the “Views”). Buyer understands and agrees that neither the Unit owners nor the Condominium itself have any rights to such Views. Due to the fact that the Condominium is located in an urban area in West Palm Beach, Florida, demolition and/or construction of buildings and other structures within the immediate area or within the Views of the Unit or the Condominium may occur. Such construction of other buildings and structures may block, obstruct, shadow or otherwise affect any Views which may currently be visible from the Condominium or the Unit. Therefore Buyer agrees to release Seller, Broker, and every affiliate of Seller from and against any and all losses, claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses of whatever nature or kind, including attorneysfees and costs and appellate fees and costs, related to or arising out of any claim against Seller or its affiliates related to Views. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that by execution of this Agreement, Buyer has been advised of the foregoing and waives the right to make any claim against Seller, its officers, principals, agents, brokers, professionals, successors or assigns directly or indirectly relating to Views. The provisions of this Paragraph 21 shall survive Closing and the delivery of the Deed.
Views. Convenience. during the entire reserved dates. In addition to Tenant, other authorized occupants may be family members or friends of Tenant. Use of the premises will be denied to persons not falling within the foregoing categories. Should any unauthorized persons occupy or use the Premises, Tenant shall vacate the premises immediately without any refund. No key will be issued to anyone who is not an adult. Please remember that you are renting a private home. Please treat it with the same respect you would like shown in your own home. SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 NOTICE AND HEALTH & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus and is believed to spread mainly through person to person contact. Transmission through surfaces is also possible. Governmental authorities recommend social distancing and limitations on the congregation of groups of people. It is impossible for the community to continuously disinfect all amenities and furnishings in a manner to totally eradicate the potential spread of COVID-19. We cannot guarantee that you, your children, family, or guests using a vacation home or any amenities or common areas will not become exposed to COVID-19 while in the home or adjacent areas. By using these amenities and common areas, you voluntarily assume the risk that you or other members of your party may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 or other diseases such as the flu and that such exposure or infection may result in a serious medical condition, including personal injury, illness, permanent disability or death. By using this home or these amenities, you are accepting sole responsibility for such risks and/or occurrences that you or other members of your party may experience or incur as a result of such use and you forever release, waive, relinquish and discharge the property manager, the homeowner and all directors, officers, employees, agents or other representatives of the property manager and/or homeowner (the “Representatives”) from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, rights, damages, expenses and cause of action of whatever kind or nature, and any other losses of any kind, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, as a result of you and your party being a guest at this vacation home. [I further promise not to sue the property manager, the homeowner or any of the Representatives.] All persons must abide by Centers for Disease Control recommendations and the following rules: - No more than ...
Views. ‌ Views are used during the design and implementation phase of a concrete system architecture and defined by Rozanski and Woods [12] in the following way: “A view is a representation of one or more structural aspects of an architecture that illustrates how the architecture addresses one or more concerns held by one or more of its stakeholders.” Viewpoints aggregate several concepts to make the work with views more easy. The IEEE Standard 1471 defines viewpoints as follows: “A viewpoint is a collection of patterns, templates, and conventions for constructing one type of view. It defines the stakeholders whose concerns are reflected in the viewpoint and the guidelines, principles, and template models for constructing its views.“ Some typical examples for viewpoints are Functional, Information, Concurrency, Development, Deployment and Operational viewpoints.
Views. The Reference Architecture, formulated according to NAF v3.1, focuses on the domain of soft ware, electronics, voice and data communication, sensors, effectors, human interface devices, and C4I. It consists of the views as follows.
Views. The views expressed by any event attendee, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor are not necessarily those of Dude Solutions. All event attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors are solely responsible for the content of any and all individual or corporation presentations, marketing collateral, advertising and online Web content. If applicable, Dude Solutions reserves the right to substitute an equally qualified speaker in case of an emergency or cancellation. Dude Solutions has no duty with respect to presenters, exhibitors or sponsors, and makes no endorsements of any presentation or product.