UNDERSTOOD THAT. Broad based community development and conservation programs delivered through the cooperation of the USDA and the Tribe is vital to the protection of the natural resources, economic stability and well-being of this country. The parties reaffirm the relationship between the USDA and the Tribe. The Secretary of Agriculture intends to continue, within the terms of the various statutes administered by the USDA, to carry out broad programs of assistance encompassing technical, research, educational, and financial assistance to landowners and users. The parties also recognize and encourage a commitment from the Tribe in aiding the administration, coordination, financing, and delivery of all USDA programs related to community development and natural resources management and conservation programs. This agreement is not intended to, and does not create, any right, benefit, or trust responsibility, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or equity, by any party against the United States, its agencies, its officers, or any person. The Department of Agriculture and [insert name of other party or parties] and their respective agencies and offices will handle their own activities and utilize their own resources, including the expenditure of their own funds, in pursuing these objectives. Each party will carry out its separate activities in a coordinated and mutually beneficial manner. Nothing in this MOU shall obligate either the Department of Agriculture or [insert name of other party or parties] to obligate or transfer any funds. Specific work projects or activities that involve the transfer of funds, services, or property among the various agencies and offices of the Department of Agriculture and [insert name of other party or parties] will require execution of separate agreements and be contingent upon the availability of appropriated funds. Such activities must be independently authorized by appropriate statutory authority. This MOU does not provide such authority. Negotiation, execution, and administration of each such agreement must comply with all applicable statutes and regulations. This MOU takes effect upon the signature of the Department of Agriculture and [insert name of other party or parties] and shall remain in effect for [insert a time period of no more than 5 years] from the date of execution. This MOU may be extended or amended upon written request of either the Department of Agriculture or [insert name of other party of parties] and the subseque...
UNDERSTOOD THAT. A. I assume all risks of damage to the building and its mechanical systems, and to persons and property in the building, that may result from or be attributable to the work being performed hereunder and I assume all responsibility for the maintenance and repair of any alterations and installations after completion. This responsibility covers all work, whether or not structural; weathertightness of windows, exterior walls, or roofs; waterproofing of every part of the building directly or indirectly affected by the work; and maintenance of all heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and other equipment installed or altered pursuant hereto. If the operation of the building or any of its equipment is adversely affected by the work, I will, when so advised, promptly remove the cause of the problem. If I do not do so, the corporation may have the problem corrected, and I will be liable for all costs and expenses incurred.
UNDERSTOOD THAT. The Hospital will pay a maximum of Joint Health and Safety Representatives their straight time hourly wage for time spent in the training session. Training will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time between the Hospital and This will be one-time training opportunity during the life of the Collective Agreement. In the event that the training is scheduled off-site, the cost of the rental of the room shall be shared by all the affected parties of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Only one certified member shall be designated as the recognized certified member. The total number of hours in the training session shall not exceed the required hours set by the legislation. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING It is understood that Hospital policy provides for legal representation of staff involved in work related liabil- ity cases. It is understood that article as amended is accept- able so long as the Hospital can continue to provide every other weekend off. Vacations will be scheduled according to the Departmen- tal Master Schedule. OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS WAGE RATES RANGES -HOURLY RATES CLASSIFICATION ORAL (light duty position) CLEANER I W I CLEANER OPERATOR EFFECTIVE UNION DATE YEAR2 July 15/92 Sept. 29/92 Jan. 01/93 Jan. 01/94 Sept. 29/90 Jan. 01/91 Sept. 29/91 Jan. 01/92 Sept. 29/92 Jan. 01/93 Jan. 01/94 Sept. 29/90 Jan. 01/91 Sept. 29/91 Jan. 01/92 Sept. 29/92 Jan. 01/93 Jan. 01/94 Note: January 1/94 Pay Equity increase actually processed effective Dec. for Admin. purposes OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS AND WAGE RATES (Continued) RANGES HOURLY RATES EFFECTIVE CLASSIFICATION UNION START YEAR1 YEAR2 LEAD HAND MAINTENANCE Sept. 29/90 Sept. 29/91 Sept. 29/92 I Sept. 29/90 Sept. 29/91 Sept. 29/92 Note: January 1/94 Pay Equity increase actually processed effective Dec. for Admin. purposes OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS WAGE RATES (Continued) RANGES HOURLY RATES EFFECTIVE CLASSIFICATION UNION DATE START YEAR1 YEAR2 PLUMBER BUILDING SYSTEMS Sept. 29/90 MECHANIC I XXXXXXXXX Sept. 29/91 Sept. 29/92 PAINTER Sept. 29/90 ELECTRICIAN (unlicensed) Sept. 29/91 Sept. 29/92 Note: January 1/94 Pay Equity increase actually processed effective Dec. for Admin. purposes OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS AND WAGE RATES (Continued) RANGES HOURLY RATES EFFECTIVE CLASSIFICATION UNION DATE YEAR1 YEAR2 MAINTENANCE I N MAINTENANCE I Sept. 29/90 29/91 01/92 Sept. 29/92 Jan. 01/93 Jan. 01/94 Sept. 29/90 Jan. 01/91 Sept. 29/91 Jan. 01/92 Sept. 29/92 Jan. 01/93 Note: January 1/94 Pay E...


  • No Detrimental Agreement The Adviser represents and warrants that it has no arrangement or understanding with any party, other than the Trust, that would influence the decision of the Adviser with respect to its selection of securities for a Fund, and that all selections shall be done in accordance with what is in the best interest of the Fund.

  • Disclosure of Material Information The Company covenants and agrees that neither it nor any other person acting on its behalf has provided or will provide any Purchaser or its agents or counsel with any information that the Company believes constitutes material non-public information, unless prior thereto such Purchaser shall have executed a written agreement regarding the confidentiality and use of such information. The Company understands and confirms that each Purchaser shall be relying on the foregoing representations in effecting transactions in securities of the Company.

  • No Undisclosed Material Information The sale of the Offered Securities by such Selling Stockholder pursuant to this Agreement is not prompted by any material information concerning the Company or any of its subsidiaries that is not set forth the General Disclosure Package.

  • Certain Business Relationships With Affiliates No Affiliate of the Parent or of any Subsidiary (a) owns any property or right, tangible or intangible, which is used in the business of the Parent or any Subsidiary, (b) has any claim or cause of action against the Parent or any Subsidiary, or (c) owes any money to, or is owed any money by, the Parent or any Subsidiary. Section 3.25 of the Parent Disclosure Schedule describes any transactions involving the receipt or payment in excess of $5,000 in any fiscal year between the Parent or a Subsidiary and any Affiliate thereof which have occurred or existed since the beginning of the time period covered by the Parent Financial Statements, other than employment agreements.

  • Disclosure Updates Promptly and in no event later than 5 Business Days after obtaining knowledge thereof, notify Agent if any written information, exhibit, or report furnished to the Lender Group contained, at the time it was furnished, any untrue statement of a material fact or omitted to state any material fact necessary to make the statements contained therein not misleading in light of the circumstances in which made. The foregoing to the contrary notwithstanding, any notification pursuant to the foregoing provision will not cure or remedy the effect of the prior untrue statement of a material fact or omission of any material fact nor shall any such notification have the effect of amending or modifying this Agreement or any of the Schedules hereto.

  • Independent Activities; Transactions With Affiliates The Directors shall be required to devote such time to the affairs of the Company as may be necessary to manage and operate the Company, and shall be free to serve any other Person or enterprise in any capacity that the Director may deem appropriate in its discretion. Neither this Agreement nor any activity undertaken pursuant hereto shall (i) prevent any Member or Director or their Affiliates, acting on their own behalf, from engaging in whatever activities they choose, whether the same are competitive with the Company or otherwise, and any such activities may be undertaken without having or incurring any obligation to offer any interest in such activities to the Company or any Member, or (ii) require any Member or Director to permit the Company or Director or Member or its Affiliates to participate in any such activities, and as a material part of the consideration for the execution of this Agreement by each Member, each Member hereby waives, relinquishes, and renounces any such right or claim of participation. To the extent permitted by applicable law and subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Directors are hereby authorized to cause the Company to purchase Property from, sell Property to or otherwise deal with any Member (including any Member who is also a Director), acting on its own behalf, or any Affiliate of any Member; provided that any such purchase, sale or other transaction shall be made on terms and conditions which are no less favorable to the Company than if the sale, purchase or other transaction had been made with an independent third party.

  • Use of Affiliates Each Party acknowledges and accepts that the other Party may exercise its rights and perform its obligations under this Agreement either directly or through one or more of its Affiliates. A Party’s Affiliates will have the benefit of all rights (including all licenses) of such Party under this Agreement. Accordingly, in this Agreement “Genzyme” will be interpreted to mean “Genzyme or its Affiliates” and “Voyager” will be interpreted to mean “Voyager or its Affiliates” where necessary to give each Party’s Affiliates the benefit of the rights provided to such Party in this Agreement; provided, however, that in any event each Party will remain responsible for the acts and omissions, including financial liabilities, of its Affiliates.

  • Disclosure Generally Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Disclosure Schedules or in this Agreement, the information and disclosures contained in any Disclosure Schedule shall be deemed to be disclosed and incorporated by reference in any other Disclosure Schedule as though fully set forth in such Disclosure Schedule for which applicability of such information and disclosure is reasonably apparent on its face. The fact that any item of information is disclosed in any Disclosure Schedule shall not be construed to mean that such information is required to be disclosed by this Agreement. Such information and the dollar thresholds set forth herein shall not be used as a basis for interpreting the terms “material” or “Material Adverse Effect” or other similar terms in this Agreement.

  • Disclosure of Confidential Information Any Finance Party may disclose:

  • DISCLOSURE OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION Lender is hereby authorized to disclose any financial or other information about Guarantor to any governmental authority having jurisdiction over Lender or to any present, future or prospective participant or successor in interest in the Notes. The information provided may include, without limitation, amounts, terms, balances, payment history, return item history and any financial or other information about Guarantor.