Trust Information Sample Clauses

Trust Information. 2.1 The Network User acknowledges that the Distributor is owned by a Trust and requires from time to time information from the Network User to enable updating and maintenance of an accurate register of beneficiaries, and to allow communication with those persons.
Trust Information. (i) Dealer agrees that neither it nor any of its partners, directors, officers, employees, and agents is authorized to give any information or make any representations concerning Units of any Trust except those contained in the Trust's Prospectus or in materials provided by AAM.
Trust Information. Such Pledgor shall not, without providing ten (10) days prior written notice to the Lender (or such lesser period as the Lender may agree), change its name, state of formation or form of organization.
Trust Information. (a) The Trust will provide (or cause to be provided) to Company the information set forth in Schedule C hereto. In addition, notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, the Trust hereby agrees that Company may use such information in communications prepared for the Contracts, including, but not limited to, application, marketing, sales and other communications materials. The Trust will provide timely notification to Company of any change to the information described in Part I of Schedule C including without limitation any change to the CUSIP number or symbol designation of a Trust. Such notification shall be given to Company at least ten (10) Business Days prior to the effective date of the change or the effect of the change with respect to transactions by the Account in any affected Trust shall be delayed for a reasonable time following notification hereunder.
Trust Information. The exact legal name of such Pledgor as of the date hereof is as set forth on the signature pages hereto. Such Pledgor has not during the five years preceding the date hereof (i) changed its legal name, (ii) changed its state of formation, or (iii) been party to a merger, consolidation or other change in structure.
Trust Information. (a) The aggregate amount of Collections processed for the Due Period preceding such Distribution Date was equal to.....................$_______ (b) The aggregate amount of such Collections with respect to Principal Receivables for the Due Period preceding such Distribution Date was equal to..........................................................$_______
Trust Information. Note: An executed copy of the Trust Agreement must be attached to this Plan. The Plan and Trust Agreement must be read and construed together. The powers, rights, and responsibilities of the Trustee shall be those specified in the Trust Agreement.
Trust Information. (a) Upon request from the Trustee or any Indemnitee, the Company shall furnish to the Trustee and the Indemnitees any additional information or documentation relating to a determination pursuant to Section 2.1(b) hereof which is reasonably available to (or may reasonably be prepared or obtained by) the Company.
Trust Information. Title of the Trust to Which This Certification Applies Original Date of Trust Latest Amendment or Restatement Date — — — — Grantor(s), Settlor(s) or Testator(s) who Established the Trust Trust Type Revocable Irrevocable Testamentary Other Tax ID/Social Security Number Governing State Law There are no other trustees of the Trust other than the undersigned. Please check one of the following if there is more than one Trustee: The Trust Agreement explicitly authorizes each of the following Trustees to act individually without the approval of the other Trustees. SFG VII has the authority to accept orders and other instructions in connection with the Trust account from any one of these Trustees, acting alone, and such Trustee may execute any documents on behalf of the Trust that SFG VII may require. The Trust Agreement does not authorize the trustees to act individually on behalf of the Trust account.