Transferring Sample Clauses

Transferring. The ability to move from a lying position in a bed to a sitting position in an upright chair or wheel chair and vice versa;
Transferring the ability to move from a bed to an upright chair or wheelchair and vice versa;
Transferring moving between a bed and a chair, or a bed and a wheelchair;
Transferring. Your ability to move in and out of a chair or bed without Direct Assistance, except with the aid of equipment (including support and other mechanical devices); and
Transferring. This license is an agreement between you and Okay Type. It may not be re-sold, sub-licensed, shared, split, lent, or otherwise transferred to a third party without prior written approval from Okay Type.
Transferring. When employees are transferred from one job location to another during the regular workday they must be paid for such time.
Transferring. The ability to move into or out of a bed, chair, or wheelchair. Assessment means an evaluation performed by a Licensed Health Care Practitioner independent of us to determine or verify that you are Chronically Ill. The assessment will be based on objective standards of measurement using generally accepted tests to produce verifiable results. Chronically Ill has the meaning found for such term in the ELIGIBILITY FOR THE PAYMENT OF BENEFITS section of this policy. Confinement or Confined means to be admitted as a resident for a period of time for which a charge is incurred for room and board. Eligible Expenses means expenses you incur for which benefits may be payable under the terms of this policy up to the applicable policy maximums. Eligible expenses do not include the expenses described in the EXCLUSIONS section of this policy.
Transferring. Passing On the Tenancy
Transferring. Effective October 1, 2001, where the Company determines that additional full time operators are required for fixed route bus and streetcar operation, position requests will be advertised to Lift Operators. In the event that an inadequate number of Lift Operators elect to transfer, the Company will resort to outside recruitment to fill full time bus and streetcar operator vacancies. Once in the new position, the operator may only, during their first ninety (90) days after turnover, reverse their transfer, without a loss of seniority in the initial mode of service.
Transferring helping to move from one position to another, such as from a bed to a wheelchair or sofa, to come to a standing position and/or repositioning to prevent skin breakdown.