Training and Development Programs Sample Clauses

Training and Development Programs. It is intended that supervisors will encourage employees to participate in the various training and development programs as provided for by Executive Order 52 in order to maximize their job performance and to increase their promotional opportunities. When the Employing Official requires an employee to acquire new skills the supervisor will identify appropriate sources of training and provide training in accordance with 11.8.
Training and Development Programs. (a) The State and each Midstream Entity will have a number of training opportunities that may expand the skilled workforce in Alaska. Additionally, the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act provides grants for an Alaska pipeline training program to recruit and train Alaska residents, including the design and construction of training facilities located in Fairbanks to support this training. Each Midstream Entity shall work with the State, including the Labor Department, to develop these or other publicly-funded programs that could increase employment opportunities for Alaska residents. In conjunction with the Project, the Mainline Entity shall spend, or cause the Participants to spend, a combined total of five million Dollars ($5,000,000) in funding those or other workforce training programs and activities in Alaska. The programs and activities could include:

Related to Training and Development Programs

  • Training Programs A. Unit employees shall be compensated for mandatory attendance at training programs in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. Section 201 and following.