Tracker Sample Clauses

Tracker. 8.2A Deliverables to be provided by the Institutes for the individual Sub-detectors See Annex 1 for the abbreviations of the names of Institutes Deliverables and Institutes Subsystem Name Ref. Deliverables Institutes
Tracker. All motorhomes are fitted with GPS trackers and immobilisers for insurance purposes. The tracker fob must be present and activated prior to starting the vehicle to prevent unnecessary notifications and alerts through the tracker notification system. Tracker fobs must be kept separate from the keys, we recommend keeping these on person at all times as we will be notified if the vehicle is started or moved without the tracker fob being present. Loss of a tracker fob will result in a £70 charge. Trackers will provide us with GPS locations of the vehicles at all times, speeds and information on the vehicle status, mileage etc. If we are alerted by the tracker company we may be in touch to ensure everything is ok and if any further action is required or whether they are simply accidental alerts.
Tracker. 8.2A Deliverables to be p rovided by the Institutes for the individual Sub -detectors (including Assigned Funds) Best Estimate of Assigned Funds as per Signed MoU and its Amendments Ref Deliverables Assigned Funds Institutes
Tracker. The van is fitted with a tracking system. It monitors location, speed, acceleration, and the length of time the vehicle is stationery. We are alerted when the tracker has been disabled or disconnected from the battery. The information obtained by the Tracker can be used to ensure that the van is being driven in the correct manner and is not taken anywhere that is that is prohibited. For instance, abroad or to festivals not previously agreed to.

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  • Contact Points 1. Each Party shall designate a contact point to facilitate communications between the Parties on any matter covered by this Agreement. 2. Upon request of the other Party, the contact point shall identify the office or official responsible for the matter and assist, as necessary, in facilitating communication with the requesting Party. Contact points shall work jointly to develop agendas and make other preparations for the Free Trade Commission meetings and follow-up on the Free Trade Commission's decisions as appropriate; provide administrative support to the Panels established under Chapter 15 (Dispute Settlement) and address any other matter entrusted by the Free Trade Commission.

  • Special Service networks The following services must be received from special service network providers in order to be covered. All terms and conditions outlined in the Summary of Benefits apply.

  • System Logging The system must maintain an automated audit trail which can 20 identify the user or system process which initiates a request for PHI COUNTY discloses to 21 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY, 22 or which alters such PHI. The audit trail must be date and time stamped, must log both successful and 23 failed accesses, must be read only, and must be restricted to authorized users. If such PHI is stored in a 24 database, database logging functionality must be enabled. Audit trail data must be archived for at least 3 25 years after occurrence.

  • Wage Scale The wages shown in Appendix A will be part of this Agreement.

  • MODERN SLAVERY You hereby affirm your compliance with the Modern Slavery Xxx 0000 and associated guidance. You confirm (a) that you have read, are familiar with and shall not perform an act or omission which is in contravention with, the letter or spirit of the Act; and (b) you carry out regular, meaningful and comprehensive due diligence procedures and have internal policies in place to address any suspected human rights abuse in your business and Group where applicable.

  • Customer Relations A. Actively promote DCP Holding Company in all Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, and Community activity.

  • Switching System Hierarchy and Trunking Requirements For purposes of routing Reconex traffic to Verizon, the subtending arrangements between Verizon Tandem Switches and Verizon End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements Verizon maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic. For purposes of routing Verizon traffic to Reconex, the subtending arrangements between Reconex Tandem Switches and Reconex End Office Switches shall be the same as the Tandem/End Office subtending arrangements which Reconex maintains for the routing of its own or other carriers’ traffic.