Threatened Sample Clauses

Threatened. The word “threatened” or any variation thereof, unless otherwise described in the context in which it appears, shall mean “threatened in writing.”
Threatened. Threatened" shall mean a claim, proceeding, dispute, action, or other matter will be deemed to have been "Threatened" if any demand or statement has been made (orally or in writing) or any notice has been given (orally or in writing), or if any other event has occurred or any other circumstances exist, that would lead a prudent person to conclude that such a claim, proceeding, dispute, action, or other matter is likely to be asserted, commenced, taken, or otherwise pursued in the future.
Threatened. A Proceeding, claim, dispute or other matter will be deemed to have been Threatened with respect to a Person, if such Person has received any demand, statement or other notice with respect to such Proceeding, claim, dispute or other matter.
Threatened. During the evening of July 9, 1998, a patient admitted to the hospital was found next to his bed with his left leg still secured to the CPM. On August 7, 1998, the patient sent the hospital notice that a CAT scan showed a stress fracture of the left hip. The malpractice carrier has been notified of this claim.
Threatened. Whenever in this Agreement reference is made to a Legal Proceeding or other matter that is “threatened” it shall mean that, a written demand or statement has been delivered or a written notice has been given that a Legal Proceeding or other matter is to be asserted, commenced, taken or otherwise pursued in the future.
Threatened. The word “threatened” or any variation thereof means “threatened in writing”.
Threatened. Whenever in this Agreement reference is made to a Claim or other matter that is “threatened” it will mean that a written demand has been made.

Related to Threatened

  • No Litigation Threatened No action or proceedings shall have been instituted or threatened before a court or other government body or by any public authority to restrain or prohibit any of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Pending or Threatened Litigation There is no litigation or administrative or governmental proceeding pending or threatened against or relating to SUNO, its subsidiaries, the SUNO Business, or any of the SUNO Assets nor does SUNO have any knowledge after due investigation of any deliberate act or omission of SUNO or its subsidiaries that would form any basis for any such action or proceeding;

  • No proceedings pending or threatened No litigation, arbitration or administrative proceedings of or before any court, arbitral body or agency which, if adversely determined, might reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect have (to the best of its knowledge and belief) been started or threatened against it or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • No Threatened or Pending Litigation On the Closing Date, no suit, action or other proceeding, or injunction or final judgment relating thereto, shall be threatened or be pending before any court or governmental or regulatory official, body or authority in which it is sought to restrain or prohibit or to obtain damages or other relief in connection with this Agreement or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, and no investigation that might result in any such suit, action or proceeding shall be pending or threatened.

  • Knowledge of the Company As used in this Agreement, knowledge of the Company shall mean to the best of any officer's knowledge, after a reasonable investigation.

  • No Environmental Claims except as may already have been disclosed by the Borrowers in writing to, and acknowledged in writing by, the Agent, there is no Environmental Claim pending or, to the best of the Borrowers’ knowledge and belief, threatened against any of the Borrowers or any of the Ships or any other Relevant Party or any other Relevant Ship or to the best of the Borrowers’ knowledge and belief (having made due enquiry) any of their respective Environmental Affiliates;

  • Buyer’s Knowledge Buyer represents that it is a sophisticated party, and has conducted a full due diligence investigation of the Business, the Purchased Assets, and the Assumed Obligations. Buyer understands and agrees that any financial forecasts or projections relating to the Business prepared by or on behalf of Seller have been provided to Buyer with the understanding and agreement that Seller is making no representation or warranty with respect to such forecasts or projections.

  • Environmental Claim The receipt from any Governmental Authority or other Person of any notice of violation, claim, demand, abatement, order or other order or direction (conditional or otherwise) for any damage, including personal injury (including sickness, disease or death), tangible or intangible property damage, contribution, indemnity, indirect or consequential damages, damage to the environment, pollution, contamination or other adverse effects on the environment, removal, cleanup or remedial action or for fines, penalties or restrictions, resulting from or based upon (i) the existence or occurrence, or the alleged existence or occurrence, of a Hazardous Substance Activity or (ii) the violation, or alleged violation, of any Hazardous Materials Laws in connection with any Mortgaged Property or any of the other assets of Borrower;

  • Notification of Threatened Action Each Party will immediately notify the other Party of any information it receives regarding any threatened or pending action, inspection or communication by any Regulatory Authority, which may affect the safety or efficacy claims of any Licensed Product or the continued marketing of any Licensed Product. Upon receipt of such information, the Parties will consult with each other in an effort to arrive at a mutually acceptable procedure for taking appropriate action.

  • Purchaser’s Knowledge The Purchaser has sufficient knowledge, understanding, and experience, either independently or together with his, her or its purchaser representative(s), in financial and business matters, and of the functionality, usage, storage, transmission mechanisms, and other material characteristics of cryptographic tokens, token wallets and other token storage mechanisms, public and private key management, blockchain technology, and blockchain-based software systems, to understand the terms of this Purchase Agreement and the Offering Materials, and such knowledge, understanding, and experience enables the Purchaser to evaluate the merits and risks of purchasing the Tokens.