this Lease Sample Clauses

this Lease. This Second Amended and Restated Lease is intended to and hereby does amend and restate the Existing Lease in such a fashion as to render this document (the "Lease") the fully integrated instrument setting forth the understandings of the parties in full without reference back to the Existing Lease or the Initial Lease. The leasehold estate created by the Initial Lease and thereafter the Existing Lease remains uninterrupted, but the agreements between Lessor and Tenant with respect thereto are governed entirely by this Lease.
this Lease. The provisions of this Article shall survive the expiration or earlier termination of 28.
this Lease. Tenant shall permit Landlord and its agents to enter the Premises at any time in the event of an emergency. When reasonably necessary, Landlord may temporarily close entrances, doors, corridors, elevators or other facilities without liability to Tenant by reason of such closure so long as Landlord provides reasonable access to the Building and the Premises. If any entry or work by Landlord would materially adversely affect Tenant's ability to operate its business in the Premises, Landlord shall undertake such entry or work (except in the event of an emergency) after Normal Business Hours.
this Lease. The term “this Lease” shall mean the Preamble, Sections 1 through 42, and Exhibits A through H.
this Lease. The Parties shall keep the terms of this Agreement strictly confidential and take all precautions necessary to prevent this Agreement or any portion of this Agreement from being disclosed or made available to any other Person, in any form or medium, without the written consent of the other Party. Notwithstanding the forgoing, a Party may share this Agreement with: (A) such Party’s Affiliates, to the extent necessary to assist a Party with its obligations hereunder; (B) such Party’s officers, directors, employees, auditors, accountants, attorneys and other Representatives; (C) such Party’s, examiners, regulatory and governmental agencies and other governmental regulatory agencies that may have examination, enforcement or other jurisdiction over such Party, including, but not limited to, the OTS; (D) such Party’s insurers and ratings agencies; (E) Landlord’s Mortgagee or prospective mortgagees or purchasers of the Building; (F) due diligence personnel in connection with a due diligence review of a Party; (G) any vendor, agent or contractor, to the extent necessary for such Person’s performance of any obligations hereunder; and (H) any other Person as may be required by Applicable Law. A Party shall cause each such Person to whom such Party has provided a copy of this Agreement (other than such Party’s governmental regulatory or examination authority) to enter into a signed writing binding such Person to the confidentiality provisions herein.
this Lease. 15. If any approval or consent is required to be given by a party under or pursuant to this Lease, such approval or consent must not unreasonably be conditioned delayed or withheld by that party. It is hereby declared that (if the context permits or requires) the singular number shall include the plural and the masculine gender shall include the feminine and the neuter and vice versa.
this Lease. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, the expression “this Leaseincludes any document supplemental to or collateral with this document or entered into in accordance with this document.
this Lease. The Casualty Purchase Price will be charged or credited, as the case may be, on the Closing Date, to reflect adjustments of Basic Rent paid or payable to and including the Closing Date, apportioned as of the Closing Date. Tenant will pay all conveyance, transfer, sales and like taxes required in connection with the purchase, regardless of who is required to pay such taxes under State or local law or custom (and Tenant will also pay to Landlord any amount necessary to yield to Landlord the entire Casualty Purchase Price if as a matter of the Law of the State or locality such tax cannot be paid directly by Tenant). If there are any liens or encumbrances against the Leased Premises which Landlord is obligated to remove (including any Mortgage), upon request made a reasonable time before the Closing Date, Landlord will provide at the Closing separate funds for the foregoing to the extent required, payable to the holder of such lien or encumbrances.
this Lease. Lessee is hereby granted the one-time option to terminate this Lease effective on February 28, 1999, by giving Lessor not less than 150 days' prior written notice. If said option to terminate is exercised, Lessee shall pay Lessor $32,500.00, representing reimbursement to Lessor of $15,000.00, being 50% of the amount that the Lessor has agreed to pay toward the cost of repairing cranes; plus $17,500.00, being approximately 50% of the cost incurred by Lessor in complying with paragraph 10.7.
this Lease. If Tenant so notifies Landlord, Landlord at its option may withdraw its relocation notice, in which event this Lease shall continue and Tenant shall not be relocated, or accept Tenant's termination notice, in which event this Lease shall terminate effective as of the date the relocation was to be effective.