THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. The obligation of the Company to consummate the Merger and the other transactions contemplated hereby on the Closing Date is subject to the satisfaction (or waiver by the Company) of the following conditions at or prior to the Closing:
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. If Employee signs this Agreement and does not execute the right to revoke as provided in paragraph 7(f), below, the Company will provide Employee with the following benefits:
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. Art. 23. The Company undertakes to pay all the amount of compensation payable to the Administrator under this Administrator Agreement, including withholding tax and transfer the income tax timely and all other mandatory contributions, taxes, or any other type, falling in the name and on behalf of the Administrator.
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. A. The COMPANY shall act as administrator and shall provide the following services to the extent necessary to enable the DEALER to sell the PROGRAM:
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. The Obligations of the Company under this Agreement shall be absolute, unconditional and irrevocable, and shall be paid strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, under all circumstances whatsoever, including, without limitation, the following circumstances:
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. The obligations of the Company hereunder are as follows:
THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY. A. EMPLOYMENT WITH AUNTMINNIE -------------------------- AuntMinnie agrees to continue the employment of Doctor Xxxxxx, and to pay Doctor Xxxxxx full salary and benefits as set forth in the Employment Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit A, which shall remain in full force and effect.


  • Obligations of the Company Whenever required under this Section 2 to effect the registration of any Registrable Securities, the Company shall, as expeditiously as reasonably possible:

  • Obligations of the City A. The City agrees to give the Contractor access to the Project area and other City- owned properties as required to perform the necessary Services under this Agreement.

  • Conditions to the Obligations of the Company The obligations of the Company to consummate the Merger are subject to the satisfaction or waiver (where permissible) of the following additional conditions:

  • Obligations of the Consultant A. CONSULTANT shall perform as required by this AGREEMENT. CONSULTANT also warrants on behalf of itself and all subcontractors engaged for the performance of this AGREEMENT.

  • Obligations of the Contractor 2.1 The Contractor shall deliver the goods described in the Technical Specifications for Goods (hereinafter the “Goods”) and/or perform and complete the services described in the Terms of Reference and Schedule of Payments (hereinafter the “Services”), with due diligence and efficiency, and in accordance with this Contract. The Contractor shall also provide all technical and administrative support needed in order to ensure the timely and satisfactory delivery of the Goods and/or performance of the Services.