Termination for SANParks Default Sample Clauses

Termination for SANParks Default. 28.2.1 On the occurrence of a SANParks Default, or within ten (10) days after the Private Party becomes aware of same, the Private Party may serve notice on SANParks of the occurrence (and specifying details) of such SANParks Default. If the relevant matter or circumstance has not been remedied or rectified within thirty (30) Business Days of such notice, the Private Party may serve a further notice on SANParks terminating this PPP Agreement with immediate effect.

Related to Termination for SANParks Default

  • Termination for Default 7.2.1 County may terminate the whole or any part of this Agreement for cause in the following circumstances:

  • Erroneous Termination for Default If, after notice of termination of Vendor’s right to proceed under the provisions of this clause, it is determined for any reason that the contract was not in default, or that the delay was excusable under the provisions of the prior paragraph (Excuse for Nonperformance or Delayed Performance), the rights and obligations of the parties shall be the same as if the notice of termination had been one of termination for convenience.

  • Termination for fault 19.3.1 The Commonwealth may terminate this Agreement by notice where the Grantee has:

  • Termination for Cause If the performance of the Contractor is not in compliance with the Contract requirements or the Contractor has defaulted, the Department may: